NFL Week 5 Survivor Picks 2023: Targets and Avoids Strategy


The NFL season is heating up, and it’s time to consider your Week 5 Survivor picks. As you make your selections, it’s crucial to be aware of a unique aspect of NFL Week 5—bye weeks.

During this week, four teams, namely the Los Angeles Chargers, the Cleveland Browns, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will enjoy a week of rest and won’t participate in any games.

So, when making your Week 5 Survivor picks, take these factors into account. Some teams are performing strongly, while others are striving for their first win.

Additionally, remember that four teams will have a bye and won’t play at all this week. Make your choices wisely to maximize your chances of success!

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NFL Week 5 Survivor Picks 2023: An In-depth Look

Fantasy Football Week 5 Survivor Pool Strategy 2023

Chicago Bears at Washington Commanders

  • Key Points: The Bears have shown potential, especially with Fields’ recent performance. However, their inability to maintain their lead in the latter half of their games is a concern. The Commanders, though slipping to a 2-2, showcased grit by tying the game during crunch time. Injuries to Martin and Dotson could be pivotal in determining their play.
  • Targets: Considering the Bears’ recent form and potential injuries for Washington, Justin Fields might be a valuable pick given his impressive yardage last game.
  • Avoid: It might be a bit risky to rely on Martin and Dotson until their playing status is clarified.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills

  • Key Points: The Jaguars showed their resilience against the Falcons, and Lawrence seems to be settling in. The Bills, on the other hand, look dominant, and Allen-Diggs seems to be a potent duo.
  • Targets: Allen and Diggs from the Bills due to their recent form. Lawrence might be a value pick from the Jaguars.
  • Avoid: Agnew’s injury status needs monitoring, and the potential absence of Tre’Davious White in the Bills secondary might hurt their defense.

Houston Texans at Atlanta Falcons

  • Key Points: The Texans, with their recent upset, are looking promising. C.J. Stroud’s performance makes him an interesting prospect. The Falcons, though, seem to be struggling, especially in their passing game.
  • Targets: Stroud and Collins from the Texans. Robinson from the Falcons due to his consistent running.
  • Avoid: Considering the recent form, relying too much on the Falcons’ passing game might be a risk.

Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions

  • Key Points: The Panthers are struggling, with Young under constant pressure. The Lions, with their win against the Packers, seem to be in better form.
  • Targets: Goff and Montgomery from the Lions. Montgomery’s performance, even when questionable, makes him a notable pick.
  • Avoid: Panthers’ offensive line struggles might make their offensive players a risky pick.

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts

  • Key Points: Henry remains the heart of the Titans’ offense, with his multifaceted role. The Colts showed determination in their recent game, tying it up in the second half.
  • Targets: Derrick Henry due to his consistent performances. Richardson from the Colts due to his all-around play.
  • Avoid: Injuries to Whyle and Flowers need monitoring before making a decision.

New York Giants at Miami Dolphins

  • Key Points: The Giants’ form will be clearer after their game against the Seahawks. Dolphins, after their dominant start, were humbled by the Bills.
  • Targets: Barkley, if he returns, remains a key pick. Achane is from the Dolphins due to his recent running form.
  • Avoid: The Dolphins’ defense after their recent drubbing.

New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots

  • Key Points: Both teams seem to be struggling. The Patriots were notably poor in their last game, and the Saints couldn’t find the end zone against the Buccaneers.
  • Targets: Given the recent performances, there doesn’t seem to be a standout pick.
  • Avoid: The QBs of both teams, until they show some consistency.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Key Points: The Ravens are flying high, especially with Jackson’s form. The Steelers, however, are in a pickle with injuries to their starting QB and other key players.
  • Targets: Lamar Jackson due to his dual-threat capabilities.
  • Avoid: Pickett’s playing status needs monitoring.

Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams

  • Key Points: The Eagles remain undefeated and have showcased a solid offensive game. The Rams managed to secure a win but almost blew a significant lead.
  • Targets: Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown from the Eagles. Nacua from the Rams based on his recent performance.
  • Avoid: Stafford’s injury status is a concern.

Cincinnati Bengals at Arizona Cardinals

  • Key Points: Both teams have been inconsistent. While the Bengals were blanked in the last three-quarters of their recent game, the Cardinals couldn’t maintain their first-half lead against the 49ers.
  • Targets: Given the inconsistent forms, there’s no standout pick. Higgins might be a value pick if he’s fit.
  • Avoid: Until more clarity, relying too much on either team’s passing game might be a risk.

New York Jets at Denver Broncos

  • Key Points: The Broncos finally found their rhythm against the Bears, while the Jets are still searching for consistency.
  • Targets: Russell Wilson, after his recent form.
  • Avoid: The status of injured players, especially Williams from the Broncos, needs checking.

Kansas City Chiefs at Minnesota Vikings

  • Key Points: The Chiefs got back to winning ways, and the Mahomes-Kelce duo is looking formidable. The Vikings, after a strong start, fell short in their recent game.
  • Targets: Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce due to their connection. Smith-Marsette from the Vikings due to his recent form.
  • Avoid: Depending on the injury news, potentially avoiding Dalvin Cook might be wise.

Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks

  • Key Points: The Packers lost against the Lions, which might have shaken their confidence. The Seahawks’ game against the Giants will be pivotal in assessing their form.
  • Targets: Russell and Metcalf from the Seahawks due to their consistent form.
  • Avoid: Until clarity, relying too much on the Packers’ passing game might be risky.

This expanded breakdown provides an overview of the key players and trends for each game. Remember, in the NFL, things can change rapidly based on injuries, game plans, and other unpredictable factors. Always keep yourself updated before making final decisions!

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