Meet Joe Flacco’s wife, Dana Grady: A look inside the Browns QB’s matrimonial life


Esteemed for his clutch plays and remarkable victories, Joe Flacco stands as a distinguished veteran in the NFL, garnering a devoted fan base. While his statistics and records are well-documented, there’s a facet of his life that often goes unnoticed—his personal journey.

In this exploration, we delve into the private realm of Joe Flacco, shedding light on his family, his wife, and the beautiful tapestry of his personal life. Join us in uncovering the lesser-known aspects of this accomplished quarterback’s world.

Who is Joe Flacco’s Wife?

Dana Grady is the wife of Joe Flacco. She was born on February 24, 1985, in Camden County, New Jersey, and attended Audubon High School, with Joe Flacco.

Dana Grady is a private person, and little is known about her personal life. She is a stay-at-home mother and handles all the responsibilities of raising her beautiful children.

Full NameDana Grady
AgeFebruary 24, 1985
BirthplaceCamden County, New Jersey
ReligionRoman Catholic
SpouseJoe Flacco
ChildrenStephen, Daniel, Francis, Evelyn, and Thomas
ParentsDaniel and Deborah Grady

Early Life And Family

Born to Daniel Grady and Deborah Grady, Dana Grady attended Audubon High School, in Camden County. After finishing school she didn’t pursue a college education unlike most people, instead, she is known to be a dedicated homemaker and mother. She is an American national of white heritage and has three siblings: Zachary, Lisa, and Sara.

How Did Joe Flacco and Dana Grady First Meet?

Joe Flacco and Dana Grady

Joe Flacco and Dana Grady first met at Audubon High School, as they both attended the same school and lived in the same city. However, they didn’t start dating until their senior year of high school and continued their relationship throughout college.

They have been together for decades, and their relationship has grown stronger over time and eventually, the two got married.

Marriage And Kids

Joe Flacco and Dana Grady got married on June 25, 2011, at their former high school according to the wedding photographs. The ceremony was relatively smaller and was attended by only family and friends.

Joe Flacco and Dana Grady have five children together: Stephen, Daniel, Francis, Evelyn, and Thomas. Evelyn is the only daughter. Stephen is 11 years old, Daniel just turned 10, Francis was conceived in January 2015, Evelyn in September 2016, and Thomas in April 2018.


In conclusion, Dana Grady is the high school sweetheart of, Joe Flacco and has been the love of his life since high school. The couple have spent most of their lives by each other’s side and have now raised a beautiful large family of their own. It’s one of those rare love stories that make us believe in love, marriage, and the notion of family.

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