What happened to Isaiah Bolden (Injury)? The Patriots’ CB was carted off after taking a big hit to the head


The New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers have decided to suspend their Week 2 preseason game on Saturday night, following a concerning incident involving Patriots’ rookie cornerback, Isaiah Bolden. 


The decision to suspend the game was reached through a mutual agreement between the two teams. The incident took place when Bolden, in an attempt to tackle Packers’ wide receiver, Malik Heath, suffered a forceful blow to the head. As two other Patriots players converged for the tackle, the impact of Bolden’s helmet meeting Heath’s led to a severe collision that left the rookie cornerback motionless on the field.


Patriots and Packers Halt Game After Isaiah Bolden’s Injury

Isaiah Bolden Head Injury Update

During Saturday night’s game, Isaiah Bolden, the rookie cornerback for the New England Patriots, collided with his teammate, Patriots linebacker Calvin Munson. This incident occurred while they were defending against Green Bay Packers receiver Malik Heath in the fourth quarter.



After the collision, Bolden remained on the field, requiring assistance from medical personnel representing both teams. He stayed down for a substantial period before trainers decided to bring in a stretcher and a medical cart to carefully remove Bolden from the field.


During this process, the entire Patriots roster gathered on the field as a show of support while Bolden was being transferred onto the medical cart. He was then taken to the locker room for further evaluation and medical attention.


Upon departing the field, Isaiah Bolden was observed wearing his helmet; however, his facemask had been detached. His arms and legs were securely fastened to the medical cart during his transport.


Fortuitously, the Patriots have subsequently issued a statement affirming that Bolden “had feeling in all his extremities.” Just after midnight, the Patriots disclosed that Bolden would remain under observation at a nearby hospital in Green Bay overnight. They indicated their intention to provide an update concerning his condition on Sunday morning.



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Who Won The Game?


The game was stopped with 10:29 left in the fourth quarter, with the Patriots winning 21-17.


Patriots’ seasoned special teams player, Matthew Slater, informed reporters that head coach Bill Belichick “took the initiative” to suspend the game. He acknowledged that the remaining time held little significance when contrasted with Bolden’s condition. Wide receiver Kendrick Bourne also expressed gratitude for the NFL’s proactive stance in prioritizing the well-being of its players.


“They said he was moving, he was responding pretty well,” Bourne stated. “Think it looked like it was head-to-head, it was like a pile together. You just never know in those moments. You try to play with good technique and sometimes people lower their head. Everybody is just playing football, it’s part of the game.”


The Patriots selected Bolden from Jackson State during the seventh round of the 2023 NFL Draft, choosing him as the 245th overall pick. Hailing from Tampa, he initiated his college journey at Florida State before opting to become a part of Deion Sanders’ program.

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