Kirk Herbstreit Salary and Contract Details: A Breakdown of His Annual Income


Few names in the realm of sports broadcasting carry the level of recognition as Kirk Herbstreit. As a figure in the analysis of college football Herbstreits, insightful commentary has captivated fans nationwide.

Apart from his on-screen charm and extensive knowledge of the game, many are curious about the aspects of his career. This article delves into the details of Kirk Herbstreit’s salary and contract, providing a breakdown of his earnings and the terms that cement his status as a prominent figure in sports media.

Kirk Herbstreit Contract

Kirk Herbstreit Annual Income Breakdown

Kirk Herbstreit has a contract with both ESPN and Amazon Prime Video. He recently agreed to extend his partnership with ESPN for another five years, starting in 2022. He also secured a year deal with Amazon Prime Video during the same year.

Reports suggest that Kirks’s arrangement with ESPN is valued at more than $6 million annually, while his contract with Amazon Prime Video is estimated to be over $10 million annually.

As a result of these agreements, Kirk Herbstreit is one of the paid sports commentators, earning an impressive sum exceeding $16 million each year from his dual contracts. It’s noteworthy that he showcases his versatility by providing commentary for both college football and NFL games.

Kirk Herbstreit’s Salary Breakdown by Years 

2012$5 millionESPN
2013$5 millionESPN
2014$5 millionESPN
2015$5 millionESPN
2016$5 millionESPN
2017$12 millionESPN
2018$12 millionESPN
2019$12 millionESPN
2020$12 millionESPN
2021$12 millionESPN
2022$6 million (ESPN) + $10 million (Amazon Prime Video) = $16 millionESPN and Amazon Prime Video
2023$6 million (ESPN) + $10 million (Amazon Prime Video) = $16 millionESPN and Amazon Prime Video

Kirk Herbstreit Contract Bonuses And Incentives

The details of Kirk Herbstreit’s contract bonuses and incentives are not made public. However, it is reasonable to assume that he qualifies for performance-based bonuses, which might include rewards, for winning accolades or achieving rating goals set by ESPN and Amazon Prime Video.

He could also earn prizes for participating in events or completing designated projects. Apart from rewards, Herbstreit may also enjoy monetary incentives, like complimentary travel arrangements, product endorsements, or opportunities to deliver speeches.

Kirk Herbstreit Salary Rise Over the Years  

Kirk Herbstreit’s earnings have seen an increase over time. He embarked on his broadcasting career in 1996, working as an analyst for ESPN College GameDay. Although his initial salary remains undisclosed, he likely received an income, especially considering his unknown status.

As Herbstreit gained popularity and expertise, so did his financial compensation. In 2012, he inked a five-year contract with ESPN worth a reported $5 million, placing him among the paid college football analysts in the nation.

Four years later, in 2017, Herbstreit secured another five-year contract with ESPN valued at $12 million yearly, making him one of the most-paid college football analysts in the country. In 2022, Herbstreit extended his association with ESPN by signing yet another five-year contract reportedly exceeding $6 million per annum.

Additionally, he entered into a year-long agreement with Amazon Prime Video to host the Thursday Night Football NFL show. Deal with Amazon is helping him earn $10 million.

Is Kirk Herbstreit’s Current Salary Justifiable

Whether or not Kirk Herbstreit’s current salary is justified remains a matter. Opinions vary, with some arguing that he is overcompensated while others believe his salary aligns with his value or even falls short.

Several factors come into play when assessing Herbstreit’s salary. Firstly, he enjoys popularity and commands respect as a sports analyst. His profound understanding of the game enables him to convey insights to viewers concisely and comprehensibly. Additionally, Herbstreit exhibits versatility by covering both college football and NFL games at an elevated level—an invaluable asset for ESPN and Amazon Prime Video.

Furthermore, Herbstreit’s work ethic deserves recognition. He consistently devotes himself to game preparation and film study. Moreover, he genuinely cares about his fans. Readily engages with them by addressing their inquiries.

Lastly, it is crucial to acknowledge that Herbstreit is a sought-after figure in demand by both ESPN and Amazon Prime Video. This heightened demand naturally leads to an increase in his remuneration.

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