Meet Travis Rudolph’s Ex-Girlfriend Dominique Jones


Travis Deonte James Rudolph aka Travis Rudolph is a popular former NFL player who played as a wide receiver. At Florida State, Rudolph played college football and previously also played for Miami Dolphins and New York Giants in the NationaFootball League.

For a shooting incident in April 2021, Rudolph is facing a murder trial at his mother’s home. In connection with the death of Sebastien Jean-Jacques at Lake Park, the former 27-year-old NFL star has been charged with one count of first-degree murder. 

In relation to the murder case, Dominique Jones, Rudolph’s ex-girlfriend was cross-examined for four hours. These two are no longer together as Dominique finds out about Rudolph’s apparent infidelity. Follow this article to learn more about Dominique Jones. 

Who Is Rudolph’s Ex-Girlfriend Dominique Jones?

Travis Rudolph's Ex-Girlfriend

Dominique Jones is the ex-girlfriend of former NFL star, Travis Rudolph, and is a celebrity partner. Jones is an estate agent as per Rudolph’s defense attorney. When she was in a relationship with Rudolph, she was already married to another man. Before parting ways a couple of years back, they both have been together for more than a year. 

Rudolph’s current situation, Jones has been the reason if reports to be believed. She found out about Rudolph’s apparent infidelity and Jones texted her brother to “shoot up his s***”, she testified during her cross-examination. 

What Was The Case About?

Travis Rudolph Case

Jones revealed that her ex-boyfriend became confrontational while recalling a fight with Rudolph in 2021. Jones read text messages of Rudolph with another woman and wouldn’t let her leave his home. However, Jones also admitted that she smashed the former NFL star’s PlayStation and called him a “broke b***”. 

To demand an apology from Rudolph when Jone’s brother and his friends arrived it was reported that Wideout had a quarrel with the gang. He allegedly fired 39 rounds of an AR-15 pistol that killed Jean Jacques and wounded others. 

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NFL Stats And Career Of Travis Rudolph 

Following the 2017 NFL Draft, Travis Rudolph was signed by New York as an undrafted free agent. On October 10 2018 after spending two seasons with the Big Blue, Rudolph signed with the Miami Dolphins practice squad. 

On his first day of practice, the former NFL star suffered a torn ACL and was placed on the injured list. Before being released in 2021, Rudolph then played two seasons with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Canadian Football League. On eight receptions, Rudolph managed 101 yards but failed to score a touchdown over the course of his NFL career.

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