Town Hall 8 Ultimate Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans (2024)


Clash of Clans stands as a widely embraced multiplayer strategy game. It revolves around base assault and defense, securing resources, trophies, and stars for advancement. 

Transitioning into Town Hall 7 transforms attack dynamics significantly. Dark Elixir access fuels potent troop training via the Dark Barracks, mandating fresh troop compositions and strategies. 

This shift can daunt newcomers, driving them to seek optimal Clash of Clans strategies. Guiding this transition, the ensuing segment delineates top-tier attack strategies for Town Hall 7, paving the path to coveted 3-star triumphs.

Clash Of Clans: Top 5 Town Hall 8 Attack Strategies

Clash of Clans attack strategy TH10

Mass Dragons

Among the frequently employed tactics at Town Hall 7 in Clash of Clans, this strategy shines. It thrives against adversaries boasting manageable, lower-tier anti-air defenses. Deployed often in clan wars, it emerges as a potent means to secure those all-important trio of stars for one’s clan.

Army composition:

  • 10 Dragons
  • 3 Rage Spells
  • Balloons (Clan castle)


Presenting an efficient blueprint for resource acquisition, this strategy doubles as a trophy-pushing approach, effective until the Crystal League. A cost-effective scheme, it conserves Elixir during training, making it the prime choice for resource-driven upgrades. Its user-friendly execution further sets it apart from intricate tactics, rendering it a preferred option.

Army composition:

  • 20 Giants
  • 19 Wizards
  • 6 Wall Breakers
  • 8 Archers
  • 2 Heal Spells
  • 1 Rage SpellGiants (Clan castle)


Highlighted as a standout choice for both multiplayer and clan war engagements, this technique guarantees the smooth attainment of three stars. Hogs attack direct against defenses, thereby facilitating seamless base clearance by accompanying troops. A crucial step, however, is to eliminate adversary clan castle forces before initiating the Hogs’ deployment.

Army composition:

  • 30 Hogs
  • 6 Wall Breakers
  • 8 Wizards
  • 6 Archers
  • 3 Heal Spells
  • Hogs (Clan castle)

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Unveiling the GiWiHe tactic, a straightforward Town Hall 7 offensive strategy designed for both multiplayer and war scenarios. Giants expertly divert defensive focus, allowing wizards to launch their assault. This approach gains added potency with healers tending to the Giants, posing a challenge for defenses striving to counteract the combined force.

Army composition:

  • 15 Giants
  • 17 Wizards
  • 3 Healers
  • 4 Wall Breakers
  • 3 Archers
  • 2 Minions
  • 3 Heal Spells
  • Giants (Clan castle)


Much like the Mass Dragon strategy, DragLoon stands as a fundamental yet supremely aggressive approach within Clash of Clans’ arsenal. Suitable for both multiplayer and clan war endeavors, it proves particularly effective against bases boasting modest air defenses and sweepers.

Army composition:

  • 8 Dragons
  • 8 Balloons
  • 6 Lightning Spells
  • Balloons (Clan castle)

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Mix combination (Giants + Wizards)

Combining Giants and Wizards emerges as a finely tuned offensive tactic, ideal for fresh Town Hall 7 entrants in Clash of Clans. Versatile across both Multiplayer clashes and Clan Wars, it strikes a harmonious balance. Giants adopt the role of stalwart shields, drawing defensive fire. Meticulous Wall Breaker placement becomes pivotal for breaching fortifications. Meanwhile, the synchronized advance of Wizards behind the Giants deals substantial blows, forming the core of this strategic orchestration.

Army Composition:

  • 15 Giants 
  • 4 Wall Breakers
  • 17 Wizards
  • 7 Archers
  • 3 Healers
  • 3 Heal
  • 4 Giants


For those without access to a full complement of dragons or seeking an alternative aerial assault, this strategy fits the bill seamlessly. Mobilize clusters of 8 balloons in proximity to each air defense, amplifying their impact with a judiciously placed rage spell.

MinLoons come into play for swiftly tidying up the residual opposition across the base. Address the challenge posed by the air sweeper by prioritizing its swift elimination. Earning its merits, this approach strikes a balance between affordability, swiftness, and potency, marking it as a formidable force on the battlefield.

Army Composition:

  • 26 balloons
  • 35 minions
  • 3 rage spell
  • 169k Elixir
  • 175 dark elixir

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The pinnacle trophy achievement for Town Hall 7 stands tall at 2874 trophies. While I typically advise against pushing so high, the allure of crossing the 2K trophy threshold for gem rewards is evident.

Hence, the need for a robust Dragarch army configuration emerges. Why not opt for an all-out dragon onslaught? The answer lies in the trophy range; beyond 1500 trophies, encounters with formidable TH8 and TH9 bases become prevalent, rendering pure dragon spam less effective. Thus, the strategic choice is Dragarch.

With precision, release 8 dragons closest to the Town Hall, splitting them into 4 pairs. Employ a calculated distance for optimal deployment. Trigger rage spells strategically when dragons converge on the Town Hall or air defenses, maximizing their potential impact.

Army Composition:

  • 8 dragons
  • 40 archers
  • 3 rage spells

Although a few of these attack strategies have witnessed a decline in potency within the current state of Clash of Clans, their value endures in 2024, warranting your investment of time and resources.

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