Ranking the Top 10 Best Starfield Ships and How to Unlock Them


Starfield, the awaited open-world RPG created by Bethesda Game Studios takes place in the year 2330. Within this universe, players will have the chance to embark on thrilling adventures across a galaxy filled with planets, moons, asteroids, and endless possibilities. At the heart of the Starfield experience lies the players’ spacecraft—a means of transportation, between destinations, within the game.

Best Starfield Ships


How to Build Your First Ship in Starfield – Complete Guide via Morphologis

The Frontier is designed to be the starting ship, in Starfield. It’s a maneuverable spacecraft that’s perfect for exploring planets in the early stages of the game. To gain access, to the Frontier players need to finish the mission provided in the game.


The Razorleaf is a nimble, fast ship well-suited for smuggling activities. While it can hold its own in combat, it may not match the firepower of some other ships on this list. To acquire the Razorleaf, players must successfully complete the Lair of the Mantis quest.


The Narwhal is an option, for a variety of tasks due to its size and all-around abilities. While it may not be outstanding, in any area it is well-suited for missions. To acquire the Narwhal players must successfully complete the “The Hammer Falls” quest offered by the Freestar Rangers.


The Dragonfire is a ship designed for combat, with weapons and shields that make it a formidable opponent. To acquire the Dragonfire players need to finish the quest called “The Price of Freedom” offered by the Crimson Fleet.


The Stronghold, a large ship, is tailor-made for extensive exploration of the galaxy’s outer reaches. Featuring a capacious cargo hold and a robust engine, it excels in long-distance travel. Unlocking the Stronghold requires players to complete the main story quest.


The Conquerer is the spacecraft, in Starfield, a battleship designed to handle formidable adversaries. To gain access, to this vessel, you must successfully complete the “The Final Frontier” mission.


The Leviathan is a distinctive ship that players cannot purchase. Instead, it’s a derelict vessel that players can locate and restore. Though rare, the Leviathan boasts remarkable power.

Starborn Guardian

Exclusive to the New Game+ mode, the Starborn Guardian is a potent vessel perfect for tackling the game’s most demanding challenges.

Crimson Fleet Wraith

The Crimson Fleet possesses a sought-after vessel known as the Crimson Fleet Wraith. Obtaining this ship may present some difficulties. Its value cannot be underestimated.


The crown jewel of Starfield ships, the Shieldbreaker reigns as the most powerful vessel. Heavily armed and armored, it excels at confronting even the most formidable adversaries. To unlock the Shieldbreaker, players must complete the “The Final Frontier” quest and vanquish the ultimate boss.

Starfield is designed to suit playstyles and mission goals. With a selection of ships, players are sure to discover their ideal vessel for exploring the vast reaches of the Starfields galaxy. Remember this ranking reflects the writer’s preferences so your perfect ship may vary depending on your adventure through Starfield.

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