Ronald Acuna Jr.’s Wife: Meet Maria Laborde, the Partner of the Atlanta Braves Sensation


Ronald Acuña Jr. is one of the most exciting young players in Major League Baseball, and he got an MVP award to attest to that. The year 2023 marked one of his career’s peaks, showcasing stellar performance, endearing himself to baseball fans, and culminating in marriage.

Maria Laborde, Ronald Acuna’s wife, joined him in matrimony during this standout year. Their love story, origins, and current journey together unfold, providing insights into their relationship and its progression.

Who is Ronald Acuna Jr.’s wife, Maria Laborde?

Maria Laborde Acuna
Full NameMaria Laborde Acuna
Age23 (24th June, 2000)
Place of BirthCarabobo, Venezuela
EthnicityHispanic Descent
ParentsMichel and Astrid Gonzalez de Laborde
ChildrenRonald Daniel Acuña Laborde and Jamal Mitchell Acuna

Maria Laborde is the wife of the 2023 MVP, Ronald Acuña Jr. Born in the small town of Valencia in Carabobo, Venezuela, it didn’t take her long to become successful. She is a beauty queen and the former Miss Teen Carabobo, 2015.

Today she is very active on social media and has amassed over 120k followers on Instagram alone. She shared the news of her private marriage ceremony via several social media posts. They hurriedly tied the knot on August 31, 2023, as her tourist visa was due to expire in a few months.

Maria’s Early Life and Education

Maria Laborde was an outstanding student from the beginning, and her parents testified to that. She completed her schooling at Liceo Perez Bonalde High School in the Ocumare del Tuy city of Miranda, Venezuela, and was considered a star student. Then she earned her bachelor’s in social communications from the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Laborde’s Parents and Siblings

Maria Laborde’s parents are- Michel and Astrid Gonzalez de Laborde. They took care of Maria along with her three siblings Nerea, Ainhoa, and Emilio Laborde. They instilled good values and behaviors in them from the start and pointed out the value of education and higher studies.

In honor and respect for her family, she gave her children her family name as well. We will say, what a nice gesture to give tribute to your lineage.

How did Maria Laborde and Ronald Acuña Jr. meet?

Ronald Acuna with kids

Ronald and Maria met through a mutual friend back in 2019 when she was in the United States on a visitor’s visa. The two really started vibing quickly, and their chemistry just clicked.

Soon, a year later, Maria had Ronald Acuna’s first son, Ronald Daniel (3 years old), and then two years later, she gave birth to another son, Jamal Mitchell (1 year old). In Early January 2023, Ronald proposed to Maria, and they got married on the 31st of August.

Maria and Ronald Acuna’s Wedding Details

“I didn’t mention anything to anybody; it’s something that I’ve had planned out weeks ahead,” Ronald told Fox News. Ronald proposed to Laborde in January and shared a touching video of a nervous Ronald getting down on his knee with a ring. Though the marriage ceremony on the 31st Aug looked like a last-minute decision, he did it as a surprise, so the then-mother of his children wouldn’t have to worry about a visa, and going back and forth to Venezuela.

Maria was on a three-month visitor’s visa during the time of the wedding, on which Ronald commented via ESPN “It means a lot to me, the kids were born here, but the mom needs to come and go. I don’t like that process. It’s really a hassle. If we go to the playoffs, if we go to the World Series, and they’re not with me, it’s tough. I want my family to be here with me.”

To conclude, Ronald Acuna is having the time of his life in 2023. He is setting new records and breaking the old ones, after being blessed with two sons, he finally got married this August. And of course, he was officially named the MVP of the 2023 season. As fans, we are excited to see what’s next for our MVP.

Prikshit Malik
Prikshit Malik
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