Carmelo Anthony’s Ex-Wife: All about La La Anthony


The former American basketball player, Carmelo Anthony, is surging back in the news after his ex-wife and kid did an interview discussing and debating who was the GOAT basketball player, with Carmelo’s kid picking Paul George over him.

Let’s take this time to learn about Carmelo Anthony’s ex-wife and what went down between them that led to their divorce.

Who Is Carmelo Anthony’s Ex-Wife?

La La Anthony is the ex-wife of Carmelo Anthony. They have known each other for almost two decades now and were married for close to 11 years before finally calling it quits in 2021.

Today, La La and Carmelo Anthony are in an amicable relationship even after splitting up and are solely focused on raising their kid together.

Early Life And Family

La La Anthony, born Alani Nicole Vazquez, was conceived in Brooklyn, New York, on June 25, 1982. She is the eldest sibling to one brother and two sisters.

Her mom, Carmen Surillo, is of Puerto Rican heritage, and her dad was of African descent, both born and raised in New York City.

Education And Career

La La Anthony is a highly successful individual in the entertainment industry. She started her career at the very young age of only 15 after she bagged an internship at an Atlanta radio station and became a radio personality, eventually becoming one of the hosts of MTV.

After graduating from Howard University with a degree in Communication she started her own production company, Krossover Productions, and has starred in various movies and TV shows, including “NYC 22,” “You Got Served,” and “Monster Island,” among others. She also has her cosmetic line, MOTIVES, and a clothing line, 5th & Mercer, aside from her reality show and books.

How Did Carmelo Anthony And La La Anthony First Meet?

Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony
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La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony first met in 2003 through a mutual friend, DJ Clue. La La was hosting an MTV show at the time, and DJ Clue introduced her to Carmelo, who lied to her that he was 21 years old to impress her, but she later discovered he was only 19 when they first met.

Their friendly encounter soon turned romantic and the couple went on their first date in Long Beach, California, where La La was shooting for MTV.

Timeline Of Carmelo Anthony And La La Anthony’s Relationship

Here is a timeline of La La and Carmelo Anthony’s relationship, marriage, and divorce:

  • 2003: La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony met through a mutual friend, DJ Clue. They started as friends and later became romantic partners
  • 2004: Carmelo Anthony proposed to La La, and they got engaged on the occasion of Christmas
  • 2010: La La and Carmelo tied the knot in a luxurious ceremony at Cipriani’s on 42nd Street in New York. The wedding was filmed for a reality series called “Lala’s Full Court Wedding”
  • 2017: Reports surfaced about the couple’s separation after seven years of marriage. La La was seen without her wedding ring, but the split was described as friendly
  • 2021: La La Anthony filed for divorce from Carmelo Anthony after 11 years of marriage. The decision came after living apart for quite some time, with their son Kiyan being a priority in their separation.

Divorce Reasons

La La filed for divorce in June 2021, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation. However, throughout their marriage, multiple times of cheating and infidelity rumors about Carmelo surfaced online, including an incident in 2019 where he was seen with another woman on a yacht on La La’s birthday.

In an interview in 2022, La La Anthony reflected on their marriage, mentioning that the move from Denver to New York, where they faced increased scrutiny and attention, marked the start of the downfall of their relationship

How Many Kids Do Carmelo Anthony And La La Anthony Have Together?

La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony have one child together, a son named Kiyan Anthony, who was born in March 2007. After their divorce in 2021, La La and Carmelo Anthony have continued to co-parent their son, and have maintained a friendly relationship for the sake of their child.


You know what they say, it was good while it lasted. Although La La and Carmelo aren’t together anymore, they share a child and a friendship that can’t be unhinged. Even after years of divorce, they still talk about each other with respect in public. In a recent interview between La La and Kiyan, where La La was seen defending her ex-husband in a GOAT debate with her son.

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