Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2024: Exploring Earnings & Wealth Breakdown


Carmelo Anthony, the former American basketball player who retired only last year, was showered with praises and roses in a tribute where NBA champs like Paul Pierce talked about how it was easier to guard Kobe and Lebron compared to Carmelo Anthony.

As he enjoys his retirement and tries to figure out how much he made during his time in the NBA and what he can do with it, let’s help him out and figure out the estimated net worth of Carmelo Anthony in 2024.

Carmelo Anthony’s Net Worth In 2024

According to most reputable sources online, Carmelo Anthony’s net worth is estimated to be close to $180 million as of 2024. A significant portion of his wealth is attributed to his NBA salary, endorsements, other business ventures, and investments he might have made. Let’s understand his finances with the help of a table:

Name Carmelo Anthony
Net Worth$180 Million
Annual Income$11 Million(approx.)
Career Earnings$275 Million
EndorsementsApartment, Condo, and a Duplex in New York
Business VenturesPuerto Rico FC(soccer), FaZe Clan(esports)
Real EstateBentley Continental GT, Jeep Wrangler, and More
CarsApartment, Condo, and Duplex in New York

How Much Does Carmelo Anthony Make In A Year?

How much does Carmelo Anthony make annually

Carmelo Anthony is a former NBA player, meaning he is not under any contract as of now. However, based on his last contract, he earned somewhere in the ballpark of $11.6 million annually, of which $2.6 million was from his salary and the other $9 million was from lucrative brand deals with major companies like Jordan, Nike, and Pepsi. Let’s take a closer look at all his sources of income.

Carmelo Anthony’s Income Sources

Carmelo Anthony’s sources of income include:

  • NBA Salary: Anthony has earned a significant salary throughout his NBA career, with his highest-earning season being in 2017-2018 at $26 million
  • Endorsements: Anthony has endorsement deals with major brands like Nike, Panini, and Foot Locker, which contribute to his annual income of $9 million
  • Investments: Anthony has made strategic investments in diverse industries, including his venture capital firm, M7 Tech Partners, and investments in the wine industry
  • Business Ventures: Anthony has expanded his investment portfolio into media production and fashion
  • Real Estate: Anthony owns a house in Beverly Grove in New York City and a few luxury apartments and condos.
  • Philanthropy: Anthony is involved in various philanthropic works, including donations to non-profit foundations and organization

Carmelo Anthony’s NBA Career Earnings

Carmelo Anthony’s career earnings totaling at $410 million from both playing contracts and endorsements since he went pro. In his basketball career, he played for various organizations like Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers, and Los Angeles Lakers, contributing to his yearly earnings and success.

His cumulative NBA salary alone stands at $275 million, half of which he earned during his six seasons with the New York Knicks. Additionally, Anthony has made around $145 million from endorsements, primarily from his deal with Nike.

Carmelo Anthony’s Endorsement Deals

Carmelo Anthony’s major brand endorsement deals include:

  • Air Jordan: Anthony’s most notable endorsement deal is with Air Jordan, where he became the first athlete other than Michael Jordan to be sponsored by the brand. He signed a six-year deal worth $3.5 million at the age of 19
  • Panini: His endorsement deal with Panini is also noteworthy, a company known for sports collectibles and trading cards
  • Isotonix: Anthony has an endorsement deal with Isotonix, a brand that offers nutritional supplements
  • Foot Locker: He also endorses Foot Locker, a popular retail chain specializing in athletic footwear and apparel
  • Powercoco: Anthony has an endorsement deal with Powercoco, an innovative wine app
  • Haute Time: Anthony has an endorsement deal with Haute Time, a luxury watch publication

Carmelo Anthony’s Business Ventures

Carmelo Anthony is a savage investor with a diverse portfolio of investments, including apps, real estate, start-ups, and esports teams. Some of his notable business investments are co-founding Melo7 Tech Partners, a venture capital firm, Casper, a sleep startup that offers mattresses and has also invested in Overtime, a sports media startup that creates content for young athletes.

On top of that, he also has ownership of the Puerto Rico FC soccer team and a Esports team called FaZe Clan. All these calculated investments provide him with additional funds to spend or you know, invest.

Car Collection

Carmelo Anthony’s car collection is as extensive as his investment portfolio and basketball resume. Carmelo Anthony’s car collection includes the following vehicles: First Generation Bentley Continental GT($214,000), 6th Generation Maserati Quattroporte($143,600), Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray Coupe($70,000), 1971 Chevy Chevelle($67,000) and Jeep Wrangler.

Real Estate

Carmelo Anthony’s real estate holdings include the following properties:

  • West Chelsea Apartment: Anthony listed his sleek West Chelsea apartment for sale for $12.85 million in February 2020
  • 220 Central Park South Condo: Anthony sold a full-floor West Chelsea condo for $10.5 million in 2023.
  • 740 Park Avenue Duplex: Anthony owns a gracious 14-room duplex which was sold for $55.5 million in October 2019.


Carmelo Anthony, the retired NBA star, has built a substantial net worth of $180 million in 2024 through a combination of his NBA career earnings, lucrative endorsement deals with major brands like Nike, strategic investments in businesses such as Melo7 Tech Partners, ownership in the Puerto Rico FC soccer team, and a diverse real estate holdings and car collection featuring vehicles like the Bentley Continental GT and Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. We congratulate Carmelo on such a great distinguished career in the NBA and wish for a just as happy retirement.

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Prikshit Malik
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