Current NBA Players Under 6 Feet: Ranking the Shortest B-ballers (2024)


Basketball, a sport often linked to a player’s height has surprisingly seen the emergence of shorter athletes, over its illustrious history. Despite the game’s focus on height and wingspan these compact players have no expectations but also showcased exceptional abilities and talents that make up for their lack of stature.

In the sections, we will dive into the realm of shorter NBA players examining how they have succeeded in finding their place in a league predominantly ruled by towering competitors.

Top 7 Shortest NBA Players in 2024

Here’s a closer look at the top 10 shortest NBA players in 2024, including their height, positions, and current teams:

Facundo Campazzo5’10’Point GuardHouston Rockets
Jordan McLaughlin5’11”Point GuardMinnesota Timberwolves
David Stockton5′ 11″Point GuardIndiana Pacers
McKinley Wright IV5′ 11″Point GuardDallas Mavericks
Kennedy Chandler 5’11’Point GuardChicago Bulls
David Stockton5’11’Point GuardMemphis Grizzlies
DJ Augustin5’11’Point GuardMiami Heat
Jose Alvarado6-footPoint GuardNew Orleans Pelicans
Shortest NBA Players

Facundo Campazzo

Facundo Campazzo is a lightning point guard standing at 5’10”. He currently plays for the Houston Rockets. Campazzo possesses passing and ball-handling abilities while also exhibiting a defensive prowess. Despite being an NBA player he has consistently demonstrated his capability to compete at a level even against taller adversaries.

Jordan McLaughlin

Jordan McLaughlin is a point guard standing at 5’11”. Currently plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He possesses ball-handling skills and a quick first step. Not is McLaughlin proficient, in defending. He also has the potential to serve as an invaluable backup point guard in the NBA.

David Stockton

David Stockton, who stands at 5’11” holds the position of point guard for the Indiana Pacers. As the son of NBA legend John Stockton, he has inherited his father’s basketball prowess. Stockton displays abilities in handling and passing the ball along with defensive skills. Although he primarily played in the NBA G League throughout his career Stockton has achieved some success in the NBA well.

McKinley Wright IV

McKinley Wright IV, another 5’11” point guard currently showcases his talents with the Dallas Mavericks. Known for his ball handling and passing abilities Wright also excels as a defender. With these skills, he holds promising potential as a backup point guard within the NBA.

Kennedy Chandler

Kennedy Chandler, a point guard standing at 5’11” is currently playing for the Chicago Bulls. He is a rookie hailing from Tennessee known for his agility, in handling the ball and his quick first step. Chandler’s defensive skills are commendable well making him a promising option as a point guard in the NBA.

DJ Augustin

DJ Augustin, another 5’11” point guard is currently part of the Miami Heat roster. With experience playing for teams, in the NBA Augustin has established himself as a ball handler and passer. His defensive abilities are noteworthy too. As a backup point guard, Augustin brings an added spark to the game when coming off the bench.

Jose Alvarado

Jose Alvarado stands tall at 6’0″. Serves as a defender and skilled ball handler for the New Orleans Pelicans. Alvarado’s energy and hustle on the court have made him immensely popular, among fans.

Advantages of Being a Short NBA Player

While height may seem like an advantage in basketball, being a shorter NBA player comes with its own set of perks.

  • Incredible agility
  • Lightning-fast speed
  • Exceptional ball-handling skills

These skills can outmaneuver taller opponents.

Disadvantages of Being a Short NBA Player

Shorter NBA players face drawbacks, including:

  • Challenges in rebounding
  • Limited shot-blocking ability
  • Difficulties in defending against taller adversaries

Height can be a limitation in various aspects of the game.


To sum it up the fact that there are players, in the NBA in 2024 who don’t fit the image of athletes proves that they can still succeed. These players demonstrate that talent, determination, and unique skills can make up for a lack of height, in basketball. Even though they may not be the ones dominating on the court these players serve as evidence of the range of talent found in the NBA, where size is just one aspect considered when assessing a player’s potential.

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