Who is De’Aaron Fox’s wife, Recee Caldwell? A look at Kings player relationship and kids


Basketball fans have fallen in love with De’Aaron Fox, the charismatic Sacramento Kings star, thanks to his spectacular on-court abilities. But away from the court, Fox’s private life has also drawn attention due to his romance with Recee Caldwell. Caldwell, a gifted basketball player in her own right, has a strong bond with Fox that goes beyond their love of the game.

We dive into the fascinating love story of De’Aaron Fox and Recee Caldwell in this investigation, revealing light on their relationship, their family, and their duties as parents to their priceless children.

Who is Recee Caldwell – De’Aaron Fox’s wife

Beautiful Girlfriends of De’Aaron Fox via Full Court

Recee Caldwell is the former WNBA player who played for Seattle Storm. She married De’Aaron Fox in August 2022. Recee Caldwell has turned out to be a very caring wife. After every game, regardless of the outcome, she always asks him how he is doing and if he needs anything. She cares more about his well-being than the results of the game.

Recee Caldwell Early Life and Education

Who is Recee Caldwell - De'Aaron Fox's wife

Recee Caldwell was born on September 9, 1996. Her father’s name is Aaron Caldwell, and her mother’s is Lorraine Caldwell. She spent her childhood in San Antonio, Texas. Her basketball career started when she was at Taylor Johnson High School.

She was an exceptional player with 6.4 assists, 4.4 rebounds, and over 17.4 points in almost every game. Recee Caldwell was even selected for the Jordan Brand Classic and McDonald’s All-American Game. 

Recee Caldwell’s Career as WNBA Player

Before becoming a WNBA player, Recee Caldwell played for UCLA Texas Tech when she was in college. She played 94 matches and was one of the well-known players. Her average score in each game was 2.6 rebounds, 4.4 assists, and 11.0 points. Recee’s performance made her worthy of All-Pac-12 Conference honoree.

After college, she became a WNBA player and played for Seattle Storm. But her career as a WNBA player didn’t last long because of an injury, and she retired. As of now, she is working as a player development intern. 

How did De’Aaron and Recee first meet

How did De'Aaron and Recee first meet

De’Aaron and Recee met in 2018 during the NBA Summer League. The two dated for almost two years, engaged in 2020, and married in 2022. Both love and care for each other deeply, and Recee is a great wife.

De’Aaron is also a great husband, as he has maintained a perfect balance between his personal and professional life.

How many Kids does De’Aaron Fox and Recee Caldwell Have?

The fan-favorite couple has been blessed with a baby boy, and they named him Reign Fox. Fans are expecting, and it seems pretty evident that Reign will also be a professional player in the near future.

They are happy and often post pictures of themselves and their kid on Instagram. Recee and D’Aaron also shared their 1st-anniversary pic on their Instagram.

De’Aaron Fox and Recee Caldwell Combine Net Worth 

De’Aaron is one of the highest-paid point guards who play for the Sacramento Kings and gets $32.6 million annually from his contract alone. He also has endorsement deals with brands like HyperX, Nike, Hulu, etc.

Recee herself is a former pro basketball player and now works for Golden State Warriors as a player development intern. Her net worth is also estimated to be about $20 million. Even though exact numbers are not revealed, the couple has a combined net worth of over $55 million.


Recee Caldwell is a great wife and mother. She is also great at what she does and has gained a lot of respect and success. The future for her and her family looks pretty bright, and great things will come to her and her family.

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