Jared McCain’s Parents: Meet Lance and Jina McCain


The projected NBA draft pick and the freshman for the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team, Jared McCain, is making waves in the NCAA. He’s been on fire this season and this is something he was born for and worked towards.

Let’s go back and look at the roots of his family that instilled and fostered these skills and values in him. Let’s look at Jared McCain’s parents and learn more about them.

Who Are Jared McCain’s Parents?

Jared McCain Parents

Jared McCain’s old folks are Jina and Lance McCain. Jina was once a collegiate track and field athlete who represented Sacramento State, California. Currently, she is managing her son’s online merch store called Vintage Brand.

His dad, Lance also comes from an athletic background and was a standout college basketball player at Midland College. After graduating from Texas Tech University in Development Economics and International Trade, Lance became a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines.

Where Do Jared McCain’s Parents Live?

Jared McCain was born in Sacramento on 20th February 2004, and grew up in Corona, California, with his parents and brother Jayce. Both of his parents, Lance and Jina McCain, are California natives.

As of 2024, he is living in Durham, North Carolina, where he plays the guard position for the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team.

Jared McCain’s Parents Ethnicity, Nationality And Religion

Lance and Jina McCain, Jared’s parents, are American citizens of African-American descent, proudly embracing their heritage.

While there’s no explicit mention of Jared’s religious beliefs online, speculation suggests he likely follows Christianity.

Jared McCain’s Parents Net Worth?

While the net worth of Jina and Lance is hard to determine without knowledge about their finances, based on the most accurate assumptions, the combined net worth of Jina and Lance is projected to be just over $1 million.

On the other hand, Jared’s NIL valuation is around $1 million as reported by On3.com, which puts him in third rank among college basketball players, just right behind Bronny James and Hansel Emmanuel.

Jared McCain’s Sibling

Jared McCain Brother Jayce

Jared McCain has an elder sibling named Jayce McCain. Jayce is a Point Guard at California State University. Jayce is also a very talented and hardworking player who is currently majoring in Psychology at California State University.


Only in his freshman year, Jared has taken the world of college basketball by storm due to his athletic prowess and hard work. His parents along with his siblings are also from an athletic family which creates a supportive environment for him to foster his talents. His recent performances showed his ability to take over games, change momentum, and the ability to break records.

Prikshit Malik
Prikshit Malik
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