Who is Carson Beck’s Girlfriend, Jordan Smith? Latest Clues About Their Relationship Status


Carson Beck is back in the news after announcing his return to the University of Georgia. The American football quarterback is also a two-time national champion with an extensive list of accomplishments and an even more impressive football resume.

Behind his success are his supportive parents, according to the quarterback. But while everyone’s celebrating, people are curious: does he have a girlfriend or even a fiancee? Let’s find out and see if Carson Beck is in a relationship right now.

Who is Carson Beck’s Girlfriend

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith is the girlfriend of star quarterback Carson Beck. She’s an athlete passionate about sports, having previously competed as a track and field athlete at Vanderbilt University, where she initially gained recognition.

Jordan Smith is currently pursuing her master’s degree from the University of Georgia, where her quarterback boyfriend is the king of the Georgia Bulldogs gridiron. She is focused on her career and is consistently taking up jobs and internships.

For now, Jordan is part of the NBA team Atlanta Hawks sales team. Besides that, she also has gained a considerable following online on popular social media platforms like Instagram.

How Did Carson Beck And Jordan Smith Meet?

Carson and Jordan started dating in 2020, while the exact details about their initial meeting haven’t been publicly shared by either of them or anyone close to them. It’s likely that they first met on the University Of Georgia campus.

We are sure their shared interest in sports and their athletic background must have also played some role in bringing them closer.

It’s also highly likely that they first came across each other on social media instead of bumping into one another on the college campus. Today, connecting on social media is the typical route preferred by young adults.

Carson Beck and Jordan Smith’s Relationship Timeline

Carson and Jordan began dating in 2020, and their love story unfolded beautifully. They were often seen together at games, on outings, and in sweet social media posts. Their Instagram accounts were filled with adorable pictures and cheesy captions expressing love and admiration for each other.

However, in 2023, things took a turn for the worse. According to some reports, the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram, and their posts of lovely date nights and snuggles disappeared. While no official confirmation came from either side, the lack of online presence and social media clues sparked speculation about a potential breakup.

Jordan Smith’s Social Media Presence

Jordan Smith has close to 12k followers on Instagram alone. She has an engaging personality, and her tech-savvy mind has helped her amass a substantial following online.

Are Carson Beck and Jordan Smith Still Together

Her Instagram feed used to heavily feature her relationship with Carson Beck, but lately, her posts primarily showcase her lifestyle, workouts, and athletic interests. Additionally, she frequently shares glimpses from her work life at State Farm Arena, offering behind-the-scenes insights as part of the Atlanta Hawks sales team.


We should focus on Carson Beck and Jordan Smith as individuals. While there are strong rumors about a potential breakup, no comments have been made by the two that confirm the speculation.

However, it seems like both of them are focusing on their personal growth and career development, and you can’t hate that.

Prikshit Malik
Prikshit Malik
Prikshit is a die-hard basketball fan who has been following the NBA for over a decade. Though he is a Gen-Zer, he likes to consider himself old-school. He is always trying to come up with better arguments for why Michael Jordan is the GOAT, and he will debate anyone on why Kobe and LeBron are a strong second or third. With a passion for sports and his love of writing, he is always excited to see where his words will take him next.


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