Dan Lanning Contract Details: Oregon HC Salary, Clauses and Breakdown


The NFL, widely regarded as one of the premier football leagues in the world, is not unfamiliar with mammoth contract deals and massive salary payouts. In college football, the scenario is no different, with coaches securing high-value contracts that speak volumes of their standing and talent.

One such name that has been making headlines recently is that of Dan Lanning, the head coach of the Oregon Ducks. Let’s delve into the details of Lanning’s much-talked-about contract with Oregon.

What is Dan Lanning’s contract with Oregon?

YearBase SalaryBonusesTotal Compensation
2021$4.6 million$1 million in performance bonusesup to $5.6 million
2022$4.7 million$1 million in performance bonusesup to $5.7 million
2023$7 million$1 million in performance bonusesup to $8 million

Lanning’s yearly base pay now stands at $7 million, with an increment of $200,000 promised annually until 2028. Furthermore, if Oregon manages to secure a 10-game victory streak at any time, Lanning could see an additional three years added to his contract tenure.

Dan Lanning’s Buyout by Year

Dan Lanning, Oregon Head Coach Salary

Dan Lanning’s contract is peppered with notable buyout clauses. If he chooses to depart before the contract culminates, he would owe a staggering $20 million, a sum that reduces as each season concludes. If, on the other hand, Oregon wishes to end its association with Lanning before 2028, its starting buyout figure is a hefty $45 million. This diminishes year by year:

  • 2023: $38 million
  • 2024: $30.8 million
  • 2025: $23.4 million
  • 2026: $15.8 million
  • 2027: $8 million

How much money does Dan Lanning make per year?

With the new extension, Dan Lanning will earn a base salary of $7 million annually, seeing a consistent increment of $200,000 each year until 2028.

Dan Lanning ranks as the second-highest-paid coach in the Pac-12 and holds approximately the 15th position on the national scale, showcasing the immense trust and expectation the Oregon football program places in him.

What are Dan Lanning’s performance bonuses?

Lanning’s contract contains several performance-based incentives:

  • $500,000 for playing in the College Football Playoff National Championship.
  • $250,000 for making it to the CFP semifinals.
  • $150,000 for participating in any of the four New Year’s Six bowls.
  • $100,000 for winning a bowl game after at least seven Oregon victories.
  • Additional bonuses for achieving specific wins and recognitions during a season.

How much could Dan Lanning make in total compensation in 2023?

Apart from his base salary of $7 million in 2023, if Lanning meets all the listed performance incentives, he could earn substantial additional bonuses. The exact figure would depend on Oregon’s performance in the season and any awards Lanning might secure.

What are the implications of Dan Lanning’s contract for college football?

Lanning’s lucrative contract underscores the escalating market for elite college football coaches. Such contracts reflect the high stakes of the game and the significance of a proficient coach in shaping a team’s future.

The inclusion of performance-based bonuses and buyout clauses serves as a testament to the increasing commercialization of college football, highlighting the blend of business and sports.

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