Marcus Freeman Ethnicity and Nationality: Tracing the Notre Dame HC’s Roots


Marcus Freeman has made quite a name for himself in the world of college football. As the head coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, he has gained a lot of attention for his leadership and coaching abilities.

There’s more, to Marcus Freeman than his success on the field. His ethnicity and background play a role in shaping his identity. Let’s take a look at Marcus Freeman’s heritage and how it has influenced his path to becoming the head coach, at Notre Dame.

Marcus Freeman Ethnicity

Marcus Freeman is Black or White

Marcus Freeman comes from a background being of both Black and Korean descent. His father is African American while his mother is Korean. Freeman was raised in Huber Heights, Ohio. He takes great pride in his mixed heritage.

During discussions, Freeman has shared how his upbringing greatly influenced his values and coaching style. He emphasizes that he learned qualities, like work, discipline, and respect, from his parents.

EthnicityKorean-African American
ParentsMichael Freeman (Father), Chong Freeman (Mother)
Nationality American 

Family Background

Marcus Freeman was born on January 10 1986 in Fairborn, Ohio. His parents, Michael and Chong Freeman come from backgrounds. His father is of ethnicity while his mother moved from South Korea to the United States a decade before Marcus was born.

Growing up Marcus experienced a blend of two cultures. Both his parents played a role, in shaping his upbringing. His mother made sure Korean traditions were embraced alongside their father’s heritage. Football quickly became a passion for Marcus thanks to his father’s guidance as his coach, at an age.


Marcus Freeman, an American citizen has expressed pride, in his background and a deep connection to both his Black and Korean roots. He serves as a role model for individuals. His story serves as an inspiration, to everyone. Freeman embodies the essence of the dream demonstrating that with perseverance and determination, anything can be achieved.

Coaching Career 

Marcus Freeman began his coaching career back, in 2010 as an assistant at Ohio State University. After that, he spent two seasons as a linebackers coach at Kent State University. In 2016 Freeman returned to Purdue as a defensive coordinator and linebackers coach.

In 2017 Freeman joined the University of Cincinnati as their coordinator and linebackers coach. He quickly transformed the Bearcat’s defense into one of the strongest in the nation. Throughout 2019 Cincinnati topped the American Athletic Conference in scoring defense for seasons. Ranked among the top three in rushing and total defense. Freeman’s remarkable achievements at Cincinnati caught the attention of Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly.

In January 2021 Notre Dame hired Freeman as their coordinator and linebackers coach. In his season with Notre Dame, their defense continued to shine. The Irish finished the 2021 season ranked within the 20 in scoring defense, total defense, and rushing defense.

However, things took a turn when Kelly departed from Notre Dame to assume the role of head coach at Louisiana State University. On December 3rd, 2021 Freeman was chosen to take over Kelly’s position, as head coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Marcus Freeman Rivalry teams

One of Marcus Freeman’s rivals as the head coach of Notre Dame is USC. These two schools have been competing against each other on the football field since 1926. Their rivalry is known for its intensity.

The Irish and Trojans have faced off 95 times with Notre Dame holding a lead, in the series with 49 wins compared to USC’s 42 while 5 games ended in a tie. The two teams are scheduled to face off on November 25, 2023. Apart, from USC Freeman also views Stanford as a team they have a rivalry, with.

The Irish and Cardinal have been competing against each other since 1988. The series has seen competition in recent times. The Irish emerged victorious in the four encounters. The Cardinal had won the three previous ones. The two teams are set to compete against each other on October 14, 2023.


Marcus Freeman is truly an individual who serves as an inspiration, to people, from all walks of life. His story is a shining example of how perseverance and determination can lead to the achievement of anything one sets their mind to.

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