Dan Lanning Kids: How many children does Oregon HC have?


Curious about Dan Lanning’s personal life and family? In this article, we’ll answer a common question: how many Kids does Dan Lanning have?

While he’s making waves as the head coach of the Oregon Ducks, it’s time to peek into his life beyond the football field.

Lanning, considered one of the most brilliant young coaches in the business, is known primarily for his unorthodox defense. Let’s take a closer look at the family man behind the innovative coaching strategies.

Dan Lanning Kids

Dan Lanning wife and Kids

Dan Lanning and his wife, Sauphia, have three sons: Caden, Kniles, and Titan. Caden is the eldest, having been born in 2010. Titan was born second in 2014, and Kniles was born first in 2012.

Caden Lanning is one of the three sons of Dan and Sauphia. He was born on August 1, 2010, in Kansas City, Missouri. Caden loves playing football, basketball, and baseball; he is a sports enthusiast. Moreover, he is a huge fan of the Oregon Ducks.

Kniles Lanning is the second-oldest of Dan and Sauphia’s three sons. He was born on December 12, 2012, in Kansas City, Missouri. Kniles is also a sports enthusiast who loves to play football, basketball, and baseball. Furthermore, he is a big fan of the Oregon Ducks.

Does any of Dan Lanning’s sons play Football?

Yes, both Caden and Kniles Lanning play football. They are still young and are learning the basics of football from their dad. It would be no surprise to see one of them end up playing college football.

Dan Lanning’s Kids Mother

Sauphia is a registered nurse and the wife of Dan Lanning. She’s also a cancer survivor. Diagnosed with Osteosarcoma — a Bone cancer in 2015, Sauphia. She completed chemotherapy and radiation treatment and was pronounced cancer-free in 2017.

Dan Lanning’s Recent Performance

Dan Lanning is going into his third year as head coach of the Oregon Ducks. In his first two years at Oregon, he compiled a record of 10–14. But there were some glimpses of optimism in year two as the Ducks finished the year winning their final four games.

Oregon should see a bowl game under Lanning in 2023. He’s got a great roster and he’s an incredible coach. Healthy Ducks will be a contender in the Pac-12 Conference.

Dan Lanning’s Personal Life

Dan Lanning is quite secretive about his personal life; only a few details have been revealed during the interviews. The family is the most important thing for him; he is thankful to have a wife and children.

Lanning has also expressed how much he enjoys being the head coach at Oregon. He told the fans at Autzen Stadium, “I’m honored to be your head coach; The Oregon fan base is one of the finest in the nation and I look forward to taking the Ducks to victory.”

To sum up, Dan Lanning is an outstanding football coach, but he’s also a wonderful husband and father. He is a terrific example for his players and is a hero to millions.

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