Deion Sanders’ First Wife: Carolyn Chambers – Net Worth, Kids, and more


Deion Sanders, the coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, was married to Carolyn Chambers, from 1989 to 1998. People have been talking about the couple’s failed marriage even though the divorce occurred more than 25 years ago. What is Deion Sanders Jr.’s Mom, Carolyn Chambers doing right now? Who is she? Let’s look at her personal life and the specifics of what actually happened.

Who is Carolyn Chambers

Deion Sanders Jr. Mom, Carolyn Chambers

Carolyn Chambers finished her schooling in her hometown and graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic and her master’s from Texas State. She majors in B.A in tax and specialization. She is a highly educated woman who has multiple positions as a real estate broker, notary signature agent, and tax specialist.


Carolyn has multiple positions as a real estate broker, notary signature agent, and tax specialist. At the age of 52, she has almost 10k followers on Instagram, which is a mentionable feat.

Physical Statics: Age, Height, Weight

Height5’8 inches
Weight65 kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack

Carolyn Chambers Net Worth

According to sources Carolyn Chambers’ net worth is $1.5 million dollars approx. She is a famous realtor and consultant who has helped many celebrities find their dream home. She makes a hefty salary from the various jobs and services she provides.

How did Carolyn and Sanders first meet

Coach Prime Deion Sanders Talks Love and Friendship From Country Prim

Carolyn and Sanders first crossed paths when Carolyn was working as a model. After dating for a year, they took their relationship to the next level and ultimately got married in 1989.


Sanders, the renowned athlete, and his first wife Carolyn Chambers shared a marital bond that spanned more than a decade, from 1989 to 1998. During their union, the couple welcomed two children into their lives: a daughter named Deiondra Sanders and a son named Deion Sanders Jr. Their journey as a family left a lasting legacy that extended beyond their high-profile careers.

Reasons behind Divorce

Sanders and Chambers did not discuss the reasons for the divorce publicly, but some sources stated that “unresolved issues” were the main cause of the couple’s separation. Speculations are it was a blend of mental health issues and alleged infidelity.

Where is Carolyn Chambers now?

Looks like both have moved on and are now in a good place. Coach Sanders had another failed marriage right after their divorce in 1999, and Carolyn got together with a former NBA player, Erick Strickland. Seems like both are enjoying their careers and relationships.

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