Ryan Day Salary and Contract Details: How much does Ohio State HC earn in a year


Ryan Day, the head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team earns a crazy amount of salary and he has a highly profitable contract. In this article, we will explore the specifics of his income and the details of his coaching agreement to gain an understanding of the financial aspects of his role within one of college football’s esteemed programs.

What is Ryan Day’s Contract with Ohio State?

In May 2022 Ryan Day, the head coach of Ohio State’s football program signed a seven-year contract that also included a two-year extension. This comprehensive agreement is worth $66.5 million.

It’s worth noting that Day’s annual salary is one of the highest, in college football ranking him seventh among coaches. In USA TODAY Sport’s annual survey of head coaching salaries he was ranked as one of the highest earners with Mel Tucker, the head coach of Michigan State taking the top spot. Over his four seasons leading Ohio State’s program Day has secured two conference titles in his two seasons.

Ryan Day Annual Salary Breakdown

How much does Ryan Day earn in a year

Ryan Day’s salary for the 2023 season amounts to $9.5 million. His overall compensation package encompasses various income sources.

This includes a salary of $2 million, a media fee of $5.24 million for his appearances on radio, television, and press conferences, a retention bonus of $1 million, an apparel contract of $1.25 million, and a sponsorship deal with Coca Cola valued at $10,000.

Additionally, his contract includes various perks, such as a full membership at a Columbus-area golf course, a suite for his family at every Ohio State home game, access to a private plane for recruiting visits, up to 50 hours of personal time per year, and a monthly automobile allowance of $1,200.

As per a report by the USA Today Network it is anticipated that Days’ total compensation, for the 2023 season will exceed $10 million. This places him in the echelon of paid college football head coaches.

Ryan Day Contract Bonuses and Incentives

Ryan Days contract includes a variety of performance-based bonuses and incentives. These rewards are tied to achievements, such as winning the Big Ten East which will benefit him with $50k. He will get $100k for securing the Big Ten Championship. If the team made it to the College Football Playoff Ryan would get $200k, winning a College Football Playoff game and reaching the College Football Playoff championship game will get him $350k.

Also if Ryan is named Big Ten Coach of the Year he will get $50k and National Coach of the Year will get him $75k in compensation. There are also team GPA goals that can lead to earnings. In addition to these incentives Days contract encompasses media fees, retention bonuses, Coca-Cola sponsorship, and an apparel contract. All of these factors contribute to making his contract one of the most rewarding in college football and reflect his standing as one of the top coaches in the country.

Ryan Day’s Salary Progression by Year

Day’s salary increase can be attributed to factors, including his achievements as a coach, the significant demand for his services, and the escalating cost of coaching in college football.

Over the course of four seasons as head coach Day has guided Ohio State to two Ten Championships. Secured a place in the College Football Playoff. His reputation as one of the coaches in the nation has made him highly sought after by other schools.

Furthermore, the mounting expenses associated with coaching in college football have played a role in augmenting Days’ salary. Coaches are now earning amounts of money and competition, for coaching talent is intense.

2019$4.5 million 
2020$5.35 million 
2021$6.5 million 
2022$7.6 million 
2023 $9.5 million 

Is Ryan Day’s Current Salary Justifiable

The question of whether Ryan Days’ current salary, at Ohio State is reasonable or not is subjective. Opinions on this matter vary. Some individuals hold the belief that his salary is too high while others argue that it is justified considering his accomplishments as a coach and his contributions, to the university.

Those who argue against Day’s salary claim that college football coaches are already compensated generously. They perceive Day’s earnings as an example of excessiveness. Additionally, they contend that the value he brings to Ohio State does not align with his salary.

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