Marcus Freeman Salary and Contract Details: How much does Notre Dame HC earn in a year


The realm of college football coaching extends beyond just scoring touchdowns and winning championships; it also involves contracts that grab attention. Today all eyes are, on Marcus Freeman, the head coach of the Notre Dame Fighting football team.

As the leader of a program in college football, there is great curiosity surrounding Freeman’s salary and contractual details. This article aims to explore the intricacies of Marcus Freeman’s compensation providing insight into the aspects of his time, at Notre Dame.

What is Marcus Freeman’s Contract with Notre Dame?

How much does Notre Dame HC, Marcus Freeman earn in a year

The details regarding Marcus Freeman’s contract, with Notre Dame are not publicly disclosed due to Notre Dame being an institution. However, it has been reported that when Freeman was hired in December 2021 he agreed to a five-year contract.

According to a report from FootballScoop, it is believed that Freeman’s contract is worth more than $25 million with the possibility of incentives based on performance. This would place him among the earning coaches in college football.

Marcus Freeman Salary Breakdown

The specifics of Marcus Freeman’s salary, at Notre Dame are not publicly shared. However, based on information from sources it is estimated that Freeman earns $5 million, per year. Moreover, he may have the opportunity to receive performance-based bonuses that could potentially elevate his earnings beyond $5 million annually.

Marcus Freeman Contract Bonuses And Incentives

To begin with, it’s likely that Freeman’s bonuses and incentives are linked to his team’s performance, on the field. This might involve criteria such as achieving a number of wins participating in a bowl game or even making an appearance in the College Football Playoff. 

Additionally, it is conceivable that Freeman’s bonuses and incentives are connected to the accomplishments of his players. Considering Notre Dame’s standing they place significant value on their player’s achievements in the classroom as much as their performance, on the field.

Lastly, it is also plausible that Freeman’s bonuses and incentives depend on his ability to recruit and retain top-tier talent. As one of the nation’s college football programs Notre Dame continually strives to attract top-notch players in order to maintain their level of success.

Marcus Freeman’s Salary Breakdown by Year

YearTeamPositionSalary (approx)
2016PurdueDefensive Coordinator$250,000
2017Cincinnati Defensive Coordinator$600,000
2020Cincinnati Defensive Coordinator$700,000
2021Notre Dame Head Coach $5 million

Is Marcus Freeman’s Salary Justified?

Determining whether Marcus Freeman’s current salary is justifiable is subjective. Opinions may vary, with some arguing that he is overpaid while others believe he deserves every cent.

Several factors come into play when evaluating Freeman’s salary. Firstly he is widely recognized as one of the respected defensive coaches, in college football. His track record speaks for itself having led the Cincinnati Bearcats to the College Football Playoff in 2021.

Secondly, Freeman holds the position of head coach at Notre Dame, a college football program known for its success and esteemed reputation. With a fan base and high expectations for championships Notre Dame understands the value of investing in a head coach who can deliver.

Lastly, it’s crucial to acknowledge the competition within the market, for college football coaches. Top-tier coaches are earning millions annually. In order to retain Freeman’s talents in South Bend, Notre Dame must offer him a salary.

Marcus Freeman’s Salary Rise Over the Years 

Marcus Freeman is currently serving as the head football coach, at Notre Dame University. He assumed this role on December 1st, 2021. Is currently earning a salary of $5 million. It’s worth mentioning that his salary has increased since his time as a coordinator at Cincinnati in 2017 where he earned $600,000 per year.

The notable increase in Freeman’s salary can be attributed to his track record as a coordinator and his established reputation as one of the most talented and promising individuals, in the college football realm.

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