Nick Saban’s Net Worth and Career Earning Breakdown (2024)


Nick Saban, a prominent figure in college football, has established himself as a coach and mentor. His exceptional strategic abilities transcend the football field. As the highest-paid coach in the country, the question arises: what is Nick Saban’s total net worth? This article aims to uncover Nick Saban’s annual earnings and overall net worth.


NameNick Saban 
Net Worth$70 Million 
Contract/NIL Deal$112.5 Million Contract with Alabama 
Annual Salary$10.7 Million 
Career EarningsMore than $150 Million
EndorsementsMercedes, Coca-Cola, Ferrari and more
Business VenturesCo-owner of Dream Motor Group and Alamite Hotel
CarsFerrari Portofino M, Mercedes GT Edition 1

Nick Saban Net Worth

As of 2024, Nick Saban has accumulated a worth estimated to be around $70 million establishing himself as one of the prominent figures in college football. As the head coach of Alabama, he holds the top salary in the country.

Saban’s wealth comes from avenues such as endorsements, public speaking engagements, and book agreements. Furthermore, his achievements extend to investments, including a real estate portfolio worth millions of dollars.

How much does Nick Saban make in a Year?

Nick Saban Income Sources

Nick Saban, the most-paid college football coach, receives a salary of $10.7 million and a talent fee of $9.595 million making his total compensation for the year $20.295 million.

On top of his base salary, Saban earns significant bonuses for his achievements, totaling $825,000 in 2022 alone. This demonstrates that Saban’s earnings vastly exceed those of other college football coaches, making him a league of his own in terms of annual compensation.

Nick Saban’s Income Sources 


  • Base Salary: $1,105,000
  • Total Coaching Compensation (2022): $20,295,000 (making him the highest-paid college football coach)
  • Bonuses: $825,000 (earned in 2022)
  • Talent Fee: $9,595,000 (for endorsing the University of Alabama)

Media & Endorsements

  • Media Appearances & Endorsements: $500,000 – $1,000,000 annually
  • Motivational Speaking: $250,000 annually

Other Income Streams

  • Book Royalties: undisclosed amount, but likely significant
  • Clothing Line: potential income source, details unknown
  • TV Appearances: potential income source, details unknown

Key Takeaways

  • Saban’s earnings extend far beyond his coaching salary, making him a highly successful businessman.
  • His financial portfolio is diversified across various income streams, showcasing his strategic financial planning.
  • Saban’s success in both sports and business solidifies his position as a prominent figure in both domains.

Nick Saban’s Total Earning From Coaching Career 

Determining Nick Saban’s total earnings from his coaching career is challenging due to the complexity of his contracts and the varying amounts earned from different sources. However, based on available information, his coaching salaries alone are estimated to exceed $150 million.

Here’s a breakdown of his estimated coaching salaries by timeframe:

  • 1990-2004: $5.7 million
  • 2005-2006: $8 million
  • 2007-2023: $136.4 million

It’s worth noting that this total does not encompass additional income sources beyond coaching salaries.

Nick Saban’s Endorsement Empire

  • Nike: Partnered with Nike since 2007. Earns $5 million annually.
  • Aflac: Has had a deal with Aflac since 2010. Appears in commercials alongside Deion Sanders making $4 million annually.
  • Mercedes-Benz: Collaboration with Mercedes-Benz since 2015. Earns $3 million annually. He even has a limited edition Sprinter van named after him.
  • Ferrari: Has a deal with Ferrari, though details are not publicly available.
  • Coca-Cola: Joined forces with Coca-Cola in 2016. Earns $2 million annually while promoting the brand across platforms.
  • AT&T: Became an AT&T ambassador in 2017. Earns $1 million annually by appearing in commercials and endorsing products, on media platforms.

Total annual earnings: $15 million + (undisclosed Ferrari endorsement)

Nick Saban Business Investments 

Nick Saban is involved in the Dream Motor Group as a co-owner, where he oversees a network of Mercedes-Benz dealerships, in the Southeast. He takes a role in managing and directing these dealerships using his business expertise to improve profitability and promote growth.

Additionally, Saban is also a co-owner of the Alamite Hotel, a boutique hotel located in downtown Tuscaloosa. This hotel caters to both business travellers and discerning guests offering accommodations, gourmet dining options, and top-notch amenities. Saban’s diverse range of business investments highlights his spirit and his talent for identifying and capitalizing on opportunities.

Expensive Things Owned by Nick Saban 

  • 2015 Mercedes GT Edition 1: Purchased in 2015 for $130,000.
  • Ferrari Portofino M: Added to the collection in February 2023. Starts at $250,000.
  • Other Ferraris: Owns at least one other Ferrari model, although specific details are unknown.
  • Co-owner of Prancing Horse of Nashville: Owns a share in a Ferrari dealership in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nick Saban Real Estate Investments 

In 2019 Nick Saban purchased an oceanfront property, in Gulf Shores, Florida for $17.5 million. The estate spans 7,000 feet. Boasts seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a home theater, and a beautiful pool facing the Gulf of Mexico. 

Furthermore, Saban is a co-owner of the Alamite Hotel in Tuscaloosa which offers 112 guest rooms with interiors and a rooftop dining experience at Forte; Cocktails.

Alongside these ventures, Saban has invested in real estate properties in Tuscaloosa. For instance, he owns a strip mall on University Boulevard that generates income along with several apartment complexes. 

These valuable assets contribute to a revenue stream, for the University of Alabama coach. It’s worth mentioning that Saban has undisclosed real estate investments worth millions of dollars.

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