Who are Ryan Day’s Parents, Lisa and Raymond Day? A glimpse inside the Ohio State HC’s personal life


The head coach of Ohio State Buckeyes, Ryan Day, has been very public about his private life. He doesn’t shy away from stating his opinions, whether it be his faith, wife, or mental health.

In this piece we will learn about Ryan Day’s parents, and some other interesting facts about his personal life that some of his die-hard fans might not even be aware of.

Who are Ryan Day’s Parents?

Ryan Day’s parents are Lisa and Raymond Day. They welcomed Ryan into the world in Manchester, New Hampshire on March 12, 1979. Ryan’s father, Raymond, passed away in 1988 due to suicide when Ryan was only eight years old. Raymond had owned a convenience store in the Manchester area.

Ryan still talks about the impact it had on him as a child and tries his best to bring awareness about mental health struggles and suicide. He recalled his father being a big Red Fox fan and said “He was a regular guy, and then one day in January, he didn’t come home. Life changed forever after that.”

Ryan’s mother, Lisa, is a former teacher and a single parent who had to raise Ryan and his two brothers; Chris and Tim all by herself. She did her best to raise three strong and successful kids.

Where Do Ryan Day’s Parents Live?

Ryan Day’s father, Raymond Day, passed away back in 1988, and his mother, Lisa Day, still lives in Manchester, New Hampshire. The location of Ryan’s father’s grave is not publicly known.

Ryan himself resides in Delaware, Ohio with his family, and it’s understandable why the Head Coach of Ohio State University’s football team would dwell there… Convenience

Ryan Day’s Parent’s Ethnicity and Nationality

Ryan Day’s parents, Raymond Day and Lisa Day, are both white Americans from Manchester, New Hampshire, and are both of Caucasian descent. Day has never publicly spoken about his ethnicity, but he has said that he is proud of his New Hampshire heritage.

Though he is often confused for Asian, he clarified he is definitely a white-American national. However, the origins of the surname Day have Scottish, Welsh, and English roots.

Ryan Day’s Siblings

Ryan Day has two younger brothers, Christopher Day(42) and Timothy Day(40). They all shared their elder brother’s love for sports and used to spend a lot of time playing numerous games with each other, however, they chose completely different occupations and directions. Day brothers’ occupations are as follows:

  • Ryan Day: Head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Chris Day: DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Officer
  • Tim Day: Distributor principal at Alphatec Spine

Ryan Day and Mental Health

Ryan Day and Mental Health

Day has openly spoken about his mental health struggles, like how he felt a lot of guilt and shame after his father’s death, and he struggled to cope with his grief. He also felt pressure to be strong for his mother and siblings.

Day and his wife are now a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and are on a mission to battle it. He has worked to promote mental health resources for athletes and students. In 2022, Day and his wife, Nina, donated $1 million to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine to promote mental health resources.


Everybody gets their share of adversity thrown at them, however, that couldn’t stop Ryan Day from being who he was supposed to be. Against all odds he did what he wanted, and even raised his voice to raise awareness about mental health and campaigned for suicide prevention.

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