Sam Hartman’s parents: Meet Lisa and Mark Hartman


Sam Hartman, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish quarterback, was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and played his high school ball at Davidson Day School, where he was a two-time all-state quarterback. After receiving offers from top football schools, he chose to attend Wake Forest.

In his true freshman year at Wake, Hartman started all nine conference games and helped the Demon Deacons win four games, including the Military Bowl. For his play, he was named the ACC Rookie of the Year. Today, we will learn about Sam Hartman’s parents and siblings in this article.

Who are Sam Hartman’s Parents

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Sam’s father, Mark R. Hartman, is an avid surgeon and ex-football player. He played football in high school and at Wake Forest University. Despite his busy career as a neurosurgeon, Mark has been a key figure in Sam’s upbringing.

Given Sam’s passion for football, Mark’s experience as a football player has undoubtedly influenced Sam’s development on the field. He has taught Sam important life principles such as striving for perfection and always giving his best effort.

Mark is also very competitive and loves the game. He has been supportive of Sam’s football journey, providing guidance and encouragement when needed.

Lisa Hartman is portrayed as a calm and loving mother in Sam’s life. She is a homemaker who has dedicated her life to raising her children. Lisa’s ever-present love and support are a constant source of strength for Sam and have helped him become not only an elite athlete but also an exceptional person. She attends most of his games and sits on the bench, rooting for him and cheering him on.

Lisa is also known for her humility and selflessness. She always puts her family first and will do anything to ensure their success.

Ethnicity and Nationality

Sam Hartman’s Parents, Mark and Lisa Hartman are both Caucasian Americans. They are both from the United States, where Caucasians make up the majority of the population. Caucasian Americans have diverse ancestries, including European, Middle Eastern, and North African. Mark and Lisa’s ethnicity is a part of their shared cultural heritage and identity.


Sam Hartman is blessed with two brothers: Joe, his older sibling, and Demitri, his younger brother. Joe Hartmann attended Davidson Day School and played football at Wake Forest University. Sadly, Demitri Allison was found dead in a fall from a residence hall at the University of North Carolina in 2015, and his death was ruled as suicide.


Sam Hartman’s mom (Lisa Hartman) and dad (Mark Hartman) have been instrumental in making him a great person as well as a great athlete. They have held space for him during his highs and lows, and been mentors, advisers, and support systems all in one in molding Sam into who he is today.

Sam’s parents have instilled in him that hard work, dedication, and perseverance are what get you places. They have also taught him valuable lessons such as humility, respect, and kindness.

Sam Hartman is thankful for his parents’ love and support. He wouldn’t be where he is today without them.

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