Meet Spencer Rattler’s parents, Mike and Susan Rattler: South Carolina QB’s family explored


Every exceptional athlete has a family that provides support and guidance for their journey to achieve greatness. In this captivating story, we want to introduce you to the parents of Spencer Rattler, the talented quarterback, from South Carolina. Join us as we delve into the lives of Mike and Susan Rattler who have been instrumental, in propelling their son towards football stardom.

Who Are Spencer Rattler’s Parents?

Spencer Rattler’s parents are Mike (Michael) and Susan Rattler. Mike works as a sales representative covering the territory for Citizens Automobile and Recreation Finance while Susan is a second-grade educator. They have played a role in supporting Spencer’s football journey showing unwavering encouragement along the way.

Spencer Rattler mother, Susan Rattler

Drawing from his background Mike has coached Spencer in various sports from an early age. Meanwhile, Susan proudly serves as Spencer’s number-one cheerleader, always providing support and motivation. Spencer has emphasized how vital his parents’ backing has been throughout his life—having their presence and belief, in him has undeniably contributed to his achievements.

Spencer Rattler’s Parents’ Ethnicity and Nationality 

His father, Mike Rattler is African American while his mother, Susan Rattler is Caucasian. Both of his parents are citizens. Being born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona Spencer identifies as biracial and proudly considers himself an American.

Spencer Rattler Siblings

Spencer Rattler with his dad and sister

Spencer Rattler has a sister named Olivia. Olivia attends Pinnacle High School, in Phoenix, Arizona. She is quite skilled, in sports. Actively participates in volleyball and basketball. Additionally, she is a supporter of her brother’s football journey, always present to cheer him on.

Social Media and Public Appearances 

Spencer Rattler’s parents are supportive. Even though they don’t try to show it, it’s still obvious. His mother, Susan, often posts on social media about his son and daughter. However, her Instagram account is now private, but pics are available on Twitter (X).

His father, Mike, has been seen in most of his games and practice sessions. Mike himself has been a coach for Rattler and is proud of him. Spencer’s sister Olivia also posts about her brother’s success and achievements on social media. The whole family has supported Rattler, and he never disappoints them.

Spencer has also posted about his parents on occasions like Mother’s and Father’s Day. He gave credit to his father that whatever he is today is because of him. On Mother’s Day, he again mentioned that his mother has made him what he is today and has promised to give her the world. Spencer’s love for his parents is limitless.

Spencer Rattler Love for his parents

Spencer Rattler NIL Deal

Spencer Rattler, the college athlete, has become quite popular, for securing partnerships under the NIL (name, image, and likeness) program. He has successfully collaborated with known brands like Dick Dyer Mercedes Benz, Tommys Express Car Wash, Garnet Trust, Spencer Rattler Football Camp and NIL Collective.

The total value of Rattler’s NIL agreements is estimated to be $1 million showing growth, from the year when his worth was evaluated at approximately $800,000.

Spencer Rattler College Career 

Spencer Rattler’s college football journey has been quite remarkable. He gained a lot of attention as a regarded recruit. Set numerous passing records, in high school in Arizona. After redshirting at Oklahoma in 2019 Rattler took on the role of starting quarterback in 2020. 

He had a season leading the Sooners to a championship and securing a spot in the College Football Playoff. Rattler even earned the title of Offensive Player of the Year. However, he faced some challenges in 2021.

Was eventually replaced by freshman Caleb Williams midway, through the season. Following that Rattler made the decision to transfer to South Carolina, where he now serves as their starting quarterback.


Spencer Rattler’s parents are both loving and supportive. They’ve been the key to his success, and Spencer is lucky to have such parents.

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