Meet Travis Hunter’s girlfriend, Leanna Lenee: A look into Colorado WR’s personal life


Travis Hunter Jr. is a name that resonates in the world of American football. Born on May 18, 2003, Hunter has made a mark as both a cornerback and a wide receiver for the Colorado Buffaloes.

Before this, he played with the Jackson State Tigers. But away from the limelight of the football field, who is Travis Hunter outside the jersey?

One aspect of his personal life that has interested many is his relationship. Everyone is keen to know who is Travis Hunter’s girlfriend. Let’s dive and check more details about his personal life.

Who is Travis Hunter’s Girlfriend?

Leanna Lenee is the girlfriend of Travis Hunter. Travis Hunter and Lenee have been dating for more than one year. They are often seen on the football field together.

Full NameLeanna Lenee
Age (as of 2023)22 years
Date of BirthNovember, 2001
OccupationSocial-media Influencer
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight52 kg

Leanna Lenee Education

Leanna Lenee Education

Leanna Lenee is only known as Travis Hunter’ girlfriend, but she is also an accomplished person herself. Lenee has recently completed her Bachelor’s degree from Kennesaw State University.

The information came from her Instagram account, where Leanna Lenne posted an image for the same. The post shows Lenee holding a college degree and it says, “now lemme go get my masters.” The quote of her post suggests, that Lenee is possibly looking to pursue her Master’s degree at the same University.

How Did Travis Hunter and Leanna Lenee Meet?

The first meeting of Travis Hunter and Leanna Lenee was at their school (Collins High School). Travis was in his senior year when they crossed paths. The exact details of their first encounter are not available.

Travis Hunter and Leanna Lenee’s Relationship

Who is Travis Hunter' dating

Travis Hunter and Leanna Lenee’s relationship began in high school. Travis Hunter is mostly seen on the football field, while Lenee is a student and social media influencer.

Travis Hunter and Leanna Lenee are often spotted on the soccer field together. Together they have faced many challenges as well as celebrated victories. The couple also appears together in YouTube videos.

Leanna Lenee’s Social Media Presence

Leanna Laney is a social media influencer who is often seen posting on Instagram. She is active on Instagram and seen posting often on the platform.

She has around 67K followers on Instagram. Her posts are a mixture of her personal life, showing her walks on the beach and in the city. But Instagram is not just a platform.

Leanna Laney also has a YouTube channel. He is often seen posting on his video channel. We also see Travis Hunter accompanying him several times in these videos. Her ability to connect with an audience on stage speaks to her expertise in digital communication.

In a world of social media where real relationships are valued, Leanna Laney stands as a testament to organic progress and authenticity.

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