Who are Camryn Bynum’s mom, Jennifer, and dad, Curtis Bynum?


Camryn Bynum is a Filipino-American National Football player who plays for the Minnesota Vikings as a safety. Since his NFL draft in 2021, Camryn has demonstrated his versatility by playing effectively at both free safety and strong safety positions. He is etching his name into the annals of Vikings history with each bone-crunching tackle and a game-changing interception and is poised to become a key defensive player for the team for years to come.

As charismatic as he is on the football field, Camryn Bynum also leads a fulfilling personal life. Join us as we explore Camryn Bynum’s parents and his family background.

Who are Camryn Bynum’s Parents

Camryn Bynum Parents Jennifer and Curtis Bynum

Jennifer and Curtis Bynum welcomed their child, Camryn Bynum, on July 19, 1998. Camryn grew up in Corona, California, and his mother Jennifer is a third-generation Filipino-American citizen and has deeper roots in San Francisco where her family lives.

Camryn Bynum credits his father as the greatest influence in shaping his athletic career by regularly pushing him hard by training him both mentally and physically. Curtis always dedicated extra time to coaching Camyrn. He physically made Camyrn work out and run on hills, and he also made sure that his son learned different strategic technicalities of the game by analyzing high school football matches.

In one of the interviews Camryn said: “My dad was the one that started training me at a young age, and even if he didn’t know that much about what he was doing, he was still trying… He probably influenced me the most, football-wise”

With the support of his both parents Camryn has ironed his path in the NFL. He attended Centennial High School in Corona where he played football, basketball, and track and field. Bynum was named first-team All-League in football and basketball as a senior.

After that, Camryn did play football for the University of California, Berkeley. He was a four-year starter for the Golden Bears. He was named the team’s Most Valuable Player in 2019.

Bynum made his way into the NFL as a fourth-round draft pick by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2021 Draft and has since become a solid pillar in the team’s defense.

Camryn Bynum’s Parent’s Ethnicity and Nationality

Camryn Bynum's Parent's Ethnicity and Nationality

Camryn Bynum’s dad, Curtis, is an American national, while his mother is a third-generation Filipino-American. Camryn’s great-grandmother’s roots are traced back to Leyte, Philippines.

Camryn’s mom, Jennifer, always advocated for her community and aimed to instill the same values in her children.

During vacations, she used to take Camryn to San Francisco to visit her grandmother’s side of the family. Camryn would meet his extended family—uncles, aunts, and siblings—and witness the strong bond within the Filipino community, observing their love and commitment to supporting one another. Consequently, Jennifer succeeded in nurturing the culture within her children’s hearts and demonstrated the real-life significance of community.

Camryn Bynum has established the Bynum Faith Foundation, which he and his wife, Lalaine Bynum, manage, to promote the welfare of the Filipino community. In June 2022, during his visit to the Philippines, Bynum organized numerous welfare events and relief camps for Typhoon survivors on Leyte Island.

Driven by a dream of seeing more Filipino football players in the NFL, Camryn regularly meets with local football players and village children in the Philippines to provide them with education, guidance, and essential equipment. He aspires to become a role model for his community, emulating Manny Pacquiao’s dedication to uplift and empower his fellow Filipinos.

Camryn Bynum Siblings

Camryn Bynum Family Photo; parents and his four siblings

Camryn Bynum has four siblings: Cierra, C.J., Caiya, and Caleb. Camryn Bynum’s older brother, C.J. Bynum, was a successful high school and college football player, but he did not pursue a professional career. Instead, he is now engaged in dirt bike riding.

Caleb Bynum, the youngest in the family at 15 years old, is a high school football athlete. Like his family, he is deeply connected to his Filipino heritage. During his recent visit to the Philippines, he described being amazed to see children from the community playing together and selling water bottles in the tourist area to support their families. He was surprised by how enriching his country is, from its food to its various languages and the hospitality of its people.

May the Bynum family’s steadfast bond serve as a guiding light, illuminating the path to success for Camryn. Here’s to a future filled with victories both on and off the field! Shine on, Bynum star!

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