50+ Harry Potter Themed Fantasy Football Names [2023 Updated]


In the crossover between the magical world of Harry Potter and the exhilarating realm of the NFL, we find a unique blend of enchantment and competition. Die-hard fans of both spheres can now come together, combining their love for the Chosen One with their favorite pigskin pastime. Let the Quaffles fly as we dive into our playbook of 2023’s best Harry Potter-themed fantasy football names!

Harry Potter-Inspired Fantasy Names for 2023

Funny Fantasy Harry Potter
  1. Quaffle Quarterbacks
  2. Bludger Blockers
  3. Basilisk Blitz
  4. Patronus Passers
  5. Voldemort’s Vetoed Victors
  6. Golden Snitch Seekers
  7. Marauder’s Maps to Victory

Creative and Original Harry Potter Fantasy Team Names

  1. The Diagonalley Dodgers
  2. Knight Bus Navigators
  3. Wand Wave Winners
  4. The Horcrux Huddles
  5. Nimbus Nightmares
  6. The Beaters and Bludgers
  7. Broomstick Ballers

Funny Fantasy Harry Potter Names to Make You Smile

  1. Goblin Goal Goers
  2. Muggle’s Misfit MVPs
  3. Wand-Waving Wide Receivers
  4. The Beaters’ Beatdown
  5. Marauder’s Mischief Makers
  6. Snitch-Seeking Scorers

The Perfect Harry Potter Name for Your Fantasy Team

  1. Lumos Linebackers
  2. Pensieve Playmakers
  3. Polyjuice Power Players
  4. Three Broomsticks Ballers
  5. Alohomora Offense
  6. Seeker’s Scoring Spree
  7. The Leaky Cauldron Crew

Inappropriate Harry Potter Fantasy Names

  1. Dobby’s Sock Stealers
  2. Voldemort’s Noseless Navigators
  3. Wandless Wonders
  4. Hogwarts’ Hooligans
  5. Peeves’ Pesky Players
  6. Mermaid Mockery
  7. Slytherin Sneaks
  1. Keeper’s Keep
  2. Puddlemere United Punters
  3. Wimbourne Wasps’ Wingers
  4. Quidditch Queens
  5. The Bludger Beatdowns
  6. Seeker’s Superior Scoring

Creative Crossover with Players & Harry Potter

  1. Bellatrix’s Bell Ringers
  2. Tom Riddle’s Tacklers
  3. Slytherin Saquon
  4. Mahomes in the Marauder’s Map
  5. Brady’s Broomstick Ballers
  6. Kamara’s Kneazles
  7. Dak’s Deathly Hallows
  8. The Muggles
  9. The Dark Forces
  10. The Chizpurfles
  11. Dumbledorks
  12. Wand You Up
  13. Trolls in the Dungeon


There you have it, Potterheads! A magical roster of team names that captures the spirit of the wizarding world while keeping the competitive fire of fantasy football alive. Whether you’re seeking the perfect name for a league full of bookworms or just hoping to make your fellow players smile, you’re sure to find something here to fit the bill.

Remember, as Dumbledore wisely said, “It’s our choices that show what we truly are.” So choose a team name that reflects your passion, humor, and love for the game and the wizarding world. Here’s to an enchanting 2023 fantasy football season!

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