101+ Travis Kelce Fantasy Names [All-New 2023]


Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is poised to be a top choice among NFL Fantasy managers in the upcoming 2023 season, securing a coveted spot among the top three tight ends for fantasy football. With the season nearly upon us, fantasy drafts are either underway or already completed, and for those who have Travis Kelce on their roster, or plan to draft him early, the thought of crafting team names in his honor is undoubtedly on their minds. In addition, should you encounter a trade offer in your fantasy football league, Sportskeeda’s Free Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer stands ready to assist you in evaluating trade proposals in both redraft and dynasty leagues.

Travis Kelce Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

Travis Kelce Fantasy Names
  • 3PO and Kelce’s Touchdown Tango
  • Victory with Kelce-Mania
  • The End Zone Kelce-nary
  • Kelce’s Gridiron Tales
  • Ring the Kelce-tions
  • Unleash the Kelce Truths
  • Hasta La Kelce-vista
  • Kamikaze Kelce Connection
  • Kelce-motional Victory
  • Fantasy Fiesta with Kelce
  • Kelce’s Red Zone Rhythms
  • Kelce-Palooza
  • Kelce or Bust!
  • Kelce’s Gridiron Odyssey
  • The Kelce Chronicles
  • Kelce’s TD Extravaganza
  • Ruling the Gridiron with Kelce
  • Kelce’s Touchdown Revolution
  • Journey to Kelce’s End Zone
  • The Kelce Enigma
  • Kelce’s Championship Crusaders
  • Touchdown Maestro Kelce
  • The K-Man Connection
  • Fantasy Legends: Kelce Edition
  • Kelce’s Gridiron Dominators
  • Red Zone Rulers
  • Kelce’s Fantasy Dynasty
  • The Kelce Krew
  • End Zone Enforcers
  • All About That Kelce
  • The Kelce Express
  • Fantasy Force: Kelce’s Army
  • Kelce’s Catching Commanders
  • Kelce’s Pigskin Pursuit
  • The Kelce Konquerors
  • Gridiron Gladiators: Kelce’s Squad
  • Scoring with Kelce
  • Kelce’s Touchdown Titans
  • Kelce’s End Zone Extravaganza
  • The Tight End Takeover
Jason Kelce Addresses Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Dating Rumors via E! News

Funny Fantasy Travis Kelce Names

  • Kelce’s Clown Caravan
  • Travis’ Giggle Huddle
  • Travis and the Touchdown Troupe
  • The Kelce Komedy Krew
  • End Zone Entertainers
  • Kelce’s Comedy Clubhouse
  • Huddle of Hilarity
  • Laughing All the Way to the Playoffs
  • Kelce’s Jokesters
  • Gridiron Giggles with Kelce
  • The Kelce Chucklers

Travis Kelce Nickname-Based Fantasy Names

  • Kelce’s Killa Krew
  • KC Kingdom Knights
  • Tight End Titans of Kelce
  • Red Zone Royalty
  • Touchdown Tribe feat. Kelce
  • Gridiron Generals with Kelce
  • Travis Tackles and Scores
  • All-Star Alliance by Kelce
  • Kelce’s KC Krusaders
  • The Kelce Kids
  • Kelce’s Red Zone Raiders
  • The Travis Touchdown Titans
  • Kelce’s Kingdom
  • Captain Kelce’s End Zone Ensemble
  • The Kelce Connection
  • Touchdowns and Kelce Cream
  • Kelce’s Fantasy Warriors
  • The Travis TD Trailblazers
  • Kelce’s Gridiron Dominators
  • The Kelce Crusaders

Inappropriate Travis Kelce Fantasy Names

  • Chronicles of Kelce’s Redemption
  • The Honorable Kelce Squad
  • Shake It Up for Kelce’s Victory
  • Kelce’s Playbook Special
  • Sherlock’s Comedic Kelce Mystery
  • Happy End Zone Kelce Dance Party
  • Witty Kelce Strategies Unleashed
  • Dusk Till Kelce’s Dominance
  • Hungry for Kelce’s Victory
  • Kelce’s Game Plan Challenge
  • Mega-Kelce’s Might
  • The Kelce Relaxation Specialists
  • Kelce’s Touchdown Treasures
  • The Rush & Tug Kelce Masters
  • A Kelce Battle Royale
  • Dunn Laughing with Kelce
  • Kelce Team Assemble

Travis Kelce Fantasy Names from Reddit

  • Lunar Legacy of Kelce
  • Sunshine Squad
  • Waddles and Kelce’s Team
  • Kelce’s Gridiron Glory
  • Playoffs-bound Kelce Crew
  • The Kelce Connection
  • Kelce’s Thrilling Journey
  • Kelce’s End Zone Empire
  • Championship-bound Kelce Challengers
  • Kelce’s Dream Team
  • Kelce’s Dynasty Reign

Travis Kelce, who is known for being one of the scoring fantasy football ends, had an impressive season last year with 1,125 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. However, for the 2021 season, Mark Andrews claimed the title of the highest-scoring fantasy end. While there has been speculation, about how Tyreek Hills’ trade from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins will affect Kelce’s fantasy performance it is unlikely to result in a decrease, in his numbers.

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