Meet Rory McIlroy’s Parents: Gerry and Rosaleen McIlroy – Insights into Their Influence on the Golf Champion


Rory McIlroy is the second-best golfer in the world according to his Official World Golf Ranking and in 2023 he was ranked number one consistently for over 100 weeks.

In this article, we will learn about Rory Mcilroy’s parents, who were always very supportive of his golfer aspirations.

Who Are Rory Mcilroy’s Parents?

Rory McIlroy’s parents are Gerry and Rosaleen McIlroy. They welcomed their only child, Rory, in 1989 in Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland. Rosie worked the night shift in a 3M factory, meanwhile, Gerry worked as a bartender at a sports club and at Holywood Golf Club to help pay for Rory’s amateur tournament fees and competitions. 

Gerry said: “I am a working-class man and that’s all I knew – to get the money we needed for Rory to be able to learn and compete in golf.” 

Where Do Rory Mcilroy’s Parents Live?

Rory Mcilroy’s Parents

Gerry and Rosaleen McIlroy, the parents of Rory McIlroy, currently split their time between Holywood located in Northern Ireland and Jupiter located in Florida. 

Rory currently resides in Jupiter with his wife Erica Stoll McIlroy and their daughter Poppy. Gerry is a member of the exclusive Seminole Golf Club in Florida.

Rory Mcilroy’s Parents Ethnicity, Nationality And Religion

Gerry and Rosaleen McIlroy, the parents of Rory McIlroy, hold Irish nationality. They are from Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland, where Rory was born and raised. As for Rory Mcilroy’s religious beliefs, he is a Catholic and a believer in god.

What Is The Estimated Net Worth Of Rory Mcilroy’s Parents?

While it’s hard to determine the combined net worth of Rory’s parents, it’s safe to assume that they enjoy almost every luxury available as Rory often expresses his gratitude for the sacrifices his parents made to support his golf career. Rory once said: “I’ll never be able to repay Mum and Dad for what they did, but at least they know they’ll never have to work another day. I’ll do whatever it takes to look after them.” Safe to say, his parents have access to every penny of Rory’s $180 million net worth.


It’s clear that Rory Mcilroy’s parents had a lasting impact on him during his formidable years. From showing appreciation for their hard work and sacrifices to sharing victories and championships with his parents, it seems like Rory McIlroy is very close to his old folks and family members. Congratulations to Gerry and Rosaleen on giving birth to a legendary golfer and a grateful son.

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