Alex Rodriguez Net Worth 2024: Exploring Earnings & Wealth Breakdown


Even after leaving the diamond and officially retiring from the MLB after his last game with the Yankees, he has never really left the media, still entertaining friends, having his hands in multiple ventures, and high-profile relations to divorce, he’s been a fan favorite throughout it all.

In his 22-year tenure, he has amassed a significant amount of wealth and followers which puts him amongst some of the richest and highest paid athletes of all time. Let’s learn more about Alex Rodriguez’s Net Worth as of 2024.

Alex Rodriguez’s Net Worth As Of 2024

Commonly known as A-Rod, Alex is a retired professional baseball player whose net worth is reckoned to be in the ballpark of $400 million or maybe even more as of March 2024.
How Much Does Alex Rodriguez Make In A Year?

Alex Rodriguez’s annual salary peaked at $33 million during his baseball career, with a couple of notable and lucrative contracts like the $252 million deal with the Texas Rangers in 2001 and the $275 million contract with the New York Yankees in 2007.

However, post-retirement he continues to rake in around $20 million every year from all the business ventures and real estate investments.


NameAlex Rodriguez
Net Worth$400 Million(Approx.)
Annual Income$20+ Million
Career EarningsOver $650 Million 
EndorsementsNike, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz
Business Ventures A-Rod Corp
Real Estate Empire Worth $1.5 billion
Car CollectionRolls-Royce Ghost, Ferrari 599 GTB

Alex Rodriguez’s Income Sources

A-Rod has had a very long and successful career as a baseball player which helped him dip his toes in everything from endorsement deals, partnerships, and investments to business ventures and real estate. Alex Rodriguez’s sources of income include various avenues such as his successful baseball career, endorsements, real estate investments, broadcasting roles, and business ventures.

He also co-founded A-Rod Corp in 1995 which originally focused on real estate but later expanded into various industries like sports, wellness, media, and entertainment. His real estate empire is valued at mind boggling $1.5 billion.

Alex Rodriguez’s MLB Career Earnings

Alex Rodriguez’s career earnings in Major League Baseball totaled over $650 million. He played for various teams like Seattle Mariners (1994–2000), Texas Rangers (2001–2003) and New York Yankees. This massive number is attributed to his talent and a testament to his superior baseball skills.

Alex Rodriguez’s Endorsement Deals And Business Investments

Some of Alex’s notable endorsements were with brands like Nike which paid him $1 million per year for the deal. He also had endorsements with Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, Pepsi, Topps, Rawlings, Credit Suisse, Vita Coco, and JBL.

A-Rod has also had many successful business ventures including investments in companies like TruFusion, Super Coffee, and Rainbow Sports Global

Additionally, Rodriguez is the co-owner of the Dominican beer brand “Presidente” and is the CEO of A-Rod which has been involved in various business endeavors like real estate and broadcasting.

Real Estate

Alex Rodriguez’s real estate empire is valued at approximately $1.5 billion. His portfolio includes over 13,000 units of multifamily real estate across the country.

Rodriguez’s success in real estate is highlighted by his ability to invest in opportunities to create lasting and generational wealth through strategic property acquisitions and management

Car Collection

A-Rod has an extensive car collection that is estimated to be over $1 million and includes some of the most impressive cars like a Rolls-Royce Ghost, Ferrari 599 GTB, Maybach 57 S, BMW 3 Series, and other high-end luxury and high-performance sports cars.


In conclusion, Alex Rodriguez, a former professional baseball player, has amassed a substantial net worth through diverse income streams. His net worth is estimated to be $400 million, his real estate empire is valued in billions and a coveted car collection worth a cool million.

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