Who is Mike Clevinger wife, Monica Ceraolo?


Mike Clevinger is a well-known American professional baseball pitcher who has gained fame through his impressive performances on the field. However, his personal life has also caught the attention of many of his fans and followers, particularly his relationship with his wife, Monica Ceraolo.

While not much is known about Monica’s background and personal life, her relationship with Mike has been the subject of much speculation and interest, with many wondering about the details of their love story and marriage. In this article, we will explore who Mike Clevinger’s wife Monica Ceraolo is, how they met, and other interesting details about their relationship.

Mike Clevinger’s Wife: Discovering Who Monica Ceraolo Is

Monica was born to Olga Patricia Ceraolo and Mark Ceraolo and arrived in the world on June 25, 1991, in the United States. Growing up, she had the company of her sibling Jessica Marie. Monica graduated from the University of North Florida, majoring in communications.

Following her graduation, Monica began working and is currently employed as a marketing coordinator at Cabana Life. She previously worked as an advertising intern for the Marko Group. Additionally, Monica operates her own fashion blog called Lotus Grace, where she shares her style ideas with her followers.

How Mike Clevinger and Monica Ceraolo First Met

Since at least 2014, MLB player Mike and marketing coordinator Monica has been in a relationship and have two children together. Their first child, a daughter named Penelope Grace, was born in May 2016, and the couple were overjoyed to become parents.

A few months later, Monica became pregnant again, and together they welcomed their second daughter, Piper Lotus, into the world in March 2017. Penelope and Piper are currently 7 and 6 years old, respectively.

Nowadays, Monica and Mike reside in Florida with their two beloved children.

Mike Clevinger’s Previous Relationship and Abuse Allegations

Before starting a relationship with Monica, Clevinger was romantically involved with Olivia Finestead. However, Finestead accused Clevinger of abusing their 10-month-old daughter. She alleged that Clevinger had choked and slapped her, and also threw used chewing tobacco on their child. These allegations are considered serious and have been under investigation by the MLB’s Department of Investigations since last summer.

Despite the ongoing investigation, Clevinger has moved on and is now happily married to Monica, with whom he has two daughters.

Recapping Mike Clevinger’s Dominant 2022 Season with the San Diego Padres

Mike Clevinger was highly sought-after during the 2022 offseason as a free agent, thanks to his impressive performance with the San Diego Padres. He played a crucial role in the team’s second playoff appearance in 16 years, alongside other pitchers and staff. Despite his personal ERA of 4.33 in 23 appearances last season being around 0.50 points higher than the team’s average, Clevinger’s contribution to the team was significant. After sitting out most of the past two seasons due to surgery, he finished the regular season with a 7-7 record.

During the summer, Clevinger signed a one-year, $8 million contract with the Chicago White Sox, where he aims to improve his performance in upcoming games.


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