Boban Marjanović’s Net Worth (2023): How much does the Rockets’ player make in a Year?


Boban Marjanović, born on August 15, 1988, is a towering figure in the world of professional basketball. Standing at an impressive height of 7 feet 4 inches (2.24 meters), he is currently one of the tallest active players in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Born in Serbia, Boban began his journey in basketball in 2005, gradually making a name for himself in European basketball. His remarkable size and strength caught the attention of the NBA. In 2015 Boban Marjanovic joined the San Antonio Spurs.

His journey in the NBA has been diverse, playing for teams like the Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Dallas Mavericks before finding a spot with the Houston Rockets in 2022.

Boban’s presence on the court is hard to miss, but it’s his infectious personality and sense of humor that has made him a fan favorite. Beyond basketball, he has showcased his versatility as an actor, featuring in popular films like John Wick 3: Parabellum, Bill & Ted Face the Music, and Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Boban Marjanović’s net worth is a question that many fans are asking. In this article, we will provide details about his career and net worth.

What is the Net Worth of Boban Marjanović in 2023?

The net worth of Boban Marjanović is $10 million as of 2023.

NameBoban Marjanović
Net Worth$10 million
Contract$2.8 million/year
EndorsementsBig Blanket Co., Goldfish, Nike, State Farm, Chime
Source of WealthBasketball, Endorsements
Age35 years

How Much Does Boban Marjanović Make in a Year?

How Much Does Boban Marjanović Make in a Year

Boban Marjanović has experienced a dynamic career in the NBA, with his annual earnings reflecting his journey across different teams. During the 2021/22 NBA season, Boban was a part of the Dallas Mavericks, a team where he played a vital role and was compensated generously. For his contributions on the court during that season, he earned a substantial amount of $2.8 million.

However, in a turn of events that highlights the ever-changing nature of professional sports, Boban’s earnings saw a change when he transitioned to the Houston Rockets. In the 2022/23 NBA season, playing for the Rockets, Boban Marjanović earned $807,005.

This figure represents his salary from the Rockets and gives us a clear insight into his annual earnings for that particular season. Through this, we gain a perspective on Boban Marjanovic’s net worth and his financial journey in the NBA, illustrating the fluctuations and variations that can occur in a professional athlete’s income.

Boban Marjanović’s Income Sources

Boban Marjanović, primarily known for his towering presence in the world of basketball, derives a significant portion of his income from playing the sport. As a dedicated and skilled basketball player, his earnings from games, contracts, and affiliations with various NBA teams constitute a major part of his annual income.

His proficiency and unique attributes on the basketball court ensure that he is a valuable asset to any team he plays for, contributing substantially to his net worth.

Boban Marjanović’s Basketball Career Earnings

Boban Marjanović has had an impressive journey in professional basketball, playing for several top-tier NBA teams. As of October 26, 2023, his career earnings from the sport are estimated to be around $23.1 million.

This substantial amount includes his salary, any bonuses he may have received, and other forms of income that are directly related to his basketball career. Each contract and team he has been a part of has contributed to this impressive total, showcasing his financial success in the world of professional sports.

This figure is a testament to Boban’s skill, dedication, and the value he brings to any team he joins, playing a significant role in understanding Boban Marjanovic’s net worth.

Boban Marjanović Endorsement Deals

Boban Marjanović, with his charming personality and towering stature, has attracted endorsement deals from numerous brands. He has partnerships with well-known names such as Big Blanket Co, Goldfish, State Farm, Nike, and Chime.

While these deals undoubtedly contribute to his income, the precise earnings from these collaborations remain undisclosed to the public. This aspect of his income plays a role in accumulating Boban Marjanovic’s net worth, showcasing his marketability off the basketball court.


Throughout his illustrious career, Boban Marjanović has not only made a mark in the basketball world with his impressive gameplay but has also amassed considerable wealth. His journey through various NBA teams has contributed significantly to his estimated $23.1 million career earnings.

Alongside his basketball income, Boban’s endorsement deals with major brands add to his financial stature. While exact figures from these partnerships remain confidential, it is clear that Boban Marjanovic’s net worth is a result of his hard work, talent, and charisma, both on and off the court.

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