Steph Curry’s Education Background: GPA, Major, and College Career Achievements


Steph Curry is probably the best shooter we will see in our lifetime. He not only has an impeccable three-pointer, but he can shoot casually from the half-court and is also a two-time MVP and three-time NBA champion.

He wasn’t just born with this great basketball IQ, he picked it up along the way. Let’s look back and find Steph Curry’s GPA at Davidson College.

Steph Curry’s High School GPA

Steph Curry attended Charlotte Christian School in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he was a star basketball player and was named all-conference and all-state in his senior year. Although, his high school GPA was 2.5, which was relatively low compared to other great basketball players.

It could be due to a few factors like him spending a lot of time and energy on basketball, both during and after school. He was also taking some challenging classes at the time, such as AP Calculus and AP English.

College Academics

Steph Curry's GPA in High School

After high school, it was time for Curry to take on the next level, College. Even though he had a relatively low GPA, no college program was willing to pass on his talent. However, Curry chose to attend Davidson College, a small liberal arts college in North Carolina. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in Sociology there.

At Davidson College he became one of the best and most dominant college players, breaking scoring records for Davidson and the Southern Conference. He also set the record for most three-pointers made during his sophomore year and was named the conference Player of the Year, twice.

Draft Year

Despite his mother trying her best to have her son finish his senior year of college, Curry went on and declared himself for NBA drafts in his junior Year. He was drafted by the Golden State Warriors as the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft. At the time he was considered a risky move, as he was only 6’3” and slender build, but he proved every critic wrong when he won the Rookie of the Year in the 2009-10 season. He averaged 17.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 5.9 assists per game in his rookie season.

He went on to do many great things for basketball afterward and finally returned to college to finish his bachelor’s in May of 2022. Here are just some of his college achievements-

  • NCAA single-season record for three-pointers made (162)
  • NCAA all-time record for career three-pointers made (414)
  • NCAA career scoring leader (2,689 points)
  • 2x Southern Conference Player of the Year (2008, 2009)
  • Consensus first-team All-American (2009)

Steph also led Davidson to two NCAA Tournament appearances and helped them reach the Elite Eight in 2008.


Steph Curry is the most feared shooter in the NBA right now, he has earned the respect of many legends of the game. After accomplishing unimaginable feats in his career, he decided to go back to college to finish his degree, as most stars do. Though his college GPA isn’t publicly available, I don’t think it matters to the fans worldwide, who just want to see him shoot and win more championships.

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Prikshit Malik
Prikshit Malik
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