Kelly Oubre Jr.’s wife: Meet Shylynnitaa Oubre


Kelly Oubre Jr, the Shooting Guard of the Philadelphia 76ers is one of the best-known players in the NBA. Kelly is an active social media person who posts every now and then and through his posts, fans have seen his wife Shylynnitaa Oubre. But who is Shylynnitaa? And what does she do? Today we’ll take a look at Kelly Oubre’s life and will know about her relationship with the Philadelphia star.

Who is Kelly Oubre Jr’s Wife?

Kelly Oubre Jr.'s wife Shylynnitaa Oubre

Kelly Oubre Jr.’s wife Shylynnitaa Oubre is a social media influencer and entrepreneur. She and Kelly have been reportedly together since 2020 and have been together for nearly four years.

Shylynnitaa is a supportive and wonderful wife and loves Kelly very much. Kelly also loves his wife very much. In an interview, he said getting married to Shylynnitaa was the right step and he doesn’t have any regrets for anything.

Full nameShylynnitaa Oubre 
Age25 (As of October 2023)
Date of birthMarch 1998
Place of birthPuerto Rico.
OccupationEntrepreneur/Social Media influencer 
KidsMalibu and TsuSún Oubre 

Shylynnitaa Oubre’s Early Life and Interests

Shylynnitaa Oubre was born in 1998, in Puerto Rico. Growing up in a town she had her parents by her side. Shylynnita’s deep passion for fashion and beauty has always been evident. She completed her high school education in Puerto Rico.

After graduating from school Shylynnitaa made the decision to move to the United States for college. Pursuing her dreams she enrolled in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising located in Los Angeles, California.

Apart from being a social media influencer Shylynnitaa is also the owner of her clothing line known as Shhy Beauty Co. The launch of her line took place back, in 2019. It has rapidly gained popularity among her followers.

Enough Shylynnitaa possesses another talent. She is also a singer. She has released some songs like Huracan, Princess, Plugged In, and Boss B**ch. These songs are available to listen to on YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify.

How Did Kelly Oubre and Shylynnitaa Oubre Meet?

Kelly Oubre Jr. And Shylynnitaa Oubre crossed paths through acquaintances in 2020. Their connection bloomed into a relationship, and it didn’t take long for their commitment to deepen. Kelly proposed to Shylynnitaa in December 2020. They exchanged vows in July 2022.

During an interview with People magazine, Shylynnitaa shared that she recognized Kelly as her soulmate from the beginning. “From the moment I met him I sensed his qualities ” she expressed. “He embodies kindness, humor, and intellect. Moreover, he possesses a spirit and an unwavering zest, for life.”

Did Kelly and Shylynnitaa have a child together?

Kelly Oubre Jr. and Shylynnitaa Oubre have two children. Their first child, a daughter named Malibu, was born in September 2021, while their second child, a son named TsuSún, became a part of their family in 2023.

Kelly Oubre Jr.'s Family Wife Shylynnitaa Oubre with Kids

Kelly and Shylynnitaa value their privacy when it comes to their lives so they haven’t disclosed details, about their children to the public. However, they have occasionally shared glimpses of their ones through photos and videos on media platforms and expressed their deep affection, for them during interviews.

Shylynnitaa Oubre’s Social Media Presence 

Shylynnitaa is a social media influencer so she is active and shares pics on platforms like Instagram often. She has 70k+ followers on Instagram. It’s obvious after seeing her Instagram that she loves being a mother and she also loves being fit.

Shylynnitaa often uploads videos of her working out. She shares pics of her kids and husband Kelly too. Shylynnitaa is a loving and caring mother/partner.

Kelly Oubre’s Previous Relationships

Kelly Oubre Jr. Was previously, in a known relationship before getting married to Shylynnitaa Oubre. In 2019 he was romantically involved with Jasmine Sanders, a model and fashion influencer. Unfortunately, their relationship ended after a year of dating.

There have been some rumors suggesting that Oubre Jr. Began dating Shylynnitaa Oubre while she was still in a relationship, with James Harden. However, Oubre Jr. Has denied these rumors.


Shylynnitaa is an amazing mom and a caring wife. She has perfectly balanced her personal and career life and fans have admired her for her motherhood. This couple stands strong and will get even stronger with time.

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