What is NBA Immaculate Grid? A Beginner’s Guide to the Trivia Game


For the NBA fans to enjoy the offseason, the Immaculate Grid has finally arrived. With Nine boxes to name a player, NBA Immaculate Grid is a trivia game. On top and side, the answer should meet the basketball team criteria. To guess the name correctly, the player will get only 9 chances requiring 100% accuracy. One wrong answer and you are out of the game, this game requires the superior knowledge of the game. 


The word Immaculate Grid comes from the MLB’s term “immaculate inning” in which a pitcher throws nine consecutive strikes in an inning resulting in three strikeouts. Due to its accuracy requirement and immense knowledge, the game can be challenging for fans. 


How To Play NBA Immaculate Grid

How To Play NBA Immaculate Grid

If you have an immense knowledge of basketball then playing Immaculate Grid or Hoop’s Grid is pretty simple for you. This game will taste the awareness of the league’s history along with players and teams for a fan. 


In the first step, you have to review the columns and rows, and then choose a grid that meets the criteria. A player only has 9 guesses, in case of a wrong answer the grid remains incomplete. From HoopGrids.com, a new grid will be available daily. 

NBA Hoop Grids Rules


The NBA Hoops Grids trivia are very easy and simple to follow. To fill nine boxes you have nine chances. The correct or incorrect answers will be counted as one chance, this will lead you to lose if you miss out on a chance. 

NBA Hoop Grids Rules

  • By choosing a player, the columns and rows of the grid must be satisfied. 
  • At least once in his basketball career, the player must have played in the NBA. 
  • While selecting a player for a cell with a team and a reward as the criteria, the chosen player must have won it while he represented that team. 
  • The same applies to the season stats, averages, and scoring records. 
  • In the game, a player is only chosen once even if he fits in the multiple criteria. 
  • You can select from both active and inactive players. 


Grid Games Available For Other Games


Back in April, the Immaculate Grid started as an MLB Grid game. It becomes popular in a short span and fans of other sports will clamor for a version of the game for other sports like NFL, NHL, and NBA. To play the grid game for all other four US sports, here are the websites. 


  • NBA- HoopsGrid
  • MLB- Immaculate Grid
  • NFL- Crossover Grid
  • NHL- Puckdoku


NBA Immaculate Grid offers a fun and engaging experience whether you are a seasoned NBA enthusiast or a casual fan looking to grow your basketball knowledge. NBA Immaculate Grid allows NBA fans to test their knowledge of basketball players, iconic moments, or history. 

Sohel Ansari
Sohel Ansari
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