Meet Brian Kelly’s wife, Paqui Kelly: All you need to know about LSU HC’s personal life


As the head coach of Louisiana State University’s (LSU) football team, Brian Kelly is undoubtedly a well-known figure in the world of college football. His career is marked by numerous achievements and accolades. However, behind this successful coach stands an extraordinary woman who plays a pivotal role in his life – his wife, Paqui Kelly. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating and inspiring journey of Paqui Kelly, shedding light on her background, her love story with Brian, and her remarkable resilience in the face of adversity.

Who is Brian Kelly’s wife, Paqui?

Full NamePaqui Kelly
Age57 (As of October 2023)
Date of BirthFebruary 9, 1966
Place of BirthUnited States
Weight130 lbs
SpouseBrian Kelly
ChildrenGrace Kelly, Kenzie Kelly, Kyle Kelly

Paqui Kelly originally named Francisca Barbara was born on February 9, 1966. Her life embodies a combination of sports, education, and perseverance. She possesses an unwavering enthusiasm, for teaching. Has become a high school educator who molds young minds and instills a passion, for knowledge. While her husband, Brian Kelly gained recognition in the realm of college football Paqui also established her reputation as a teacher.

Brian Kelly and Paqui’s Marriage

The romantic tale of Brian and Paqui Kelly commenced when they serendipitously crossed paths during a period, in Brian’s coaching career. At that time he served as a coach, at Grand Valley State University while she pursued her teaching profession. Destiny intervened, uniting them and their love story blossomed.

On July 2, 1994, they exchanged vows embarking on a shared journey enriched with love, family, and the unique trials that accompany the realm of college football coaching. Their lives were further enriched by the presence of three children who brought depth and joy as they gracefully navigated the ever-evolving world of college football.

Paqui Kelly’s Breast Cancer Victory and the Road to Philanthropy

Who is Brian Kelly's wife, Paqui Kelly

In 2003 during a hospital checkup, Paqui Kelly received the news of breast cancer. For three years she battled fiercely enduring chemotherapy and surgeries ultimately emerging triumphant and cancer-free in 2006. However, life had yet another challenge in store for Paqui. A diagnosis of breast cancer.

This period was undeniably difficult for Paqui and her family. Nevertheless with the support of her husband, Brian they confronted this hurdle head-on. Along their journey, they discovered instances of cancer within their family history indicating that Paqui was not alone in this fight. This shared experience inspired them to establish the Kelly Cares Foundation with the mission of raising funds for cancer research and spreading awareness, about cancer prevention and overall well-being.

Is Brian Kelly and Paqui getting a divorce?

No, Brian Kelly and Paqui Kelly are not getting divorced. In February 2023 there was a news report claiming that Brian had filed for divorce. However, the Kelly family swiftly denied this report and Brian Kelly’s agent confirmed that the couple is happily married.

Although the couple has not publicly addressed the divorce rumors they have been seen together on occasions since then. In March 2023 Paqui Kelly shared a photo of them, on media with a heartfelt caption expressing her deep affection.

To sum up there is no evidence supporting the notion that Brian Kelly and Paqui Kelly are heading towards a divorce. They continue to be happily married and appear to be content, in their relationship.


Brian Kelly is highly regarded for his coaching abilities. It’s important to acknowledge the role that his wife, Paqui Kelly plays behind the scenes. Her story showcases strength, resilience, and elegance. She serves as an example of the impact that love and unwavering support can have. So the time you catch a glimpse of Brian Kelly on the field remember the woman who has been there, through thick and thin making a positive difference, in their community. Football encompasses not only what transpires on the field but also includes the individuals who contribute to its success.

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