Kliff Kingsbury’s Net Worth and Contract Details as USC Assistant Coach (2024)


As the assistant coach at USC starting in 2024, Kliff Kingsbury, known for his coaching prowess, has begun a new chapter. This veteran of the NFL and college football offers the Trojans a wealth of expertise. An intriguing subject is Kingsbury’s net worth, which reflects his successful profession.

His valuable contract terms, negotiated for his position with USC, further demonstrate his worth in the football community. In this piece, we examine Kingsbury’s financial situation, revealing his net worth and the specifics of his coaching contract while also providing information about his transition to the world of college football.

Kliff Kingsbury’s Net Worth

Kliff Kingsbury is a well-known NFL coach with an estimated net worth of over $15 million. He earns his money from a variety of sources, including his contract with the Arizona Cardinals, partnerships with brands like Pepsi, Nike, and Bos, and his co-ownership of the clothing brand Kingsbury & Co. He is also rumored to have other endorsement deals that further boost his wealth.

Kliff Kingsbury’s Contract Details

What Kliff Kingsbury joining USC means for Trojans’ offense and recruiting via ESPN College Football

Kliff now works for USC as their senior offensive analyst. There, he is getting $4 million. Maybe in the future, Kliff Kingsbury might be the new coach for USC, but for now, he is working under Lincoln Riley.

Earlier Kingsbury had a contract of four seasons with the Arizona Cardinals from 2019 to 2022. This contract was worth $30 million. Kingsbury served as the head coach of the Cardinals, and later, his contract was extended after the fourth season in 2022. The warranty extended to 6 years and was worth $33 million.

From the Cardinals alone, he was supposed to earn 63 million, but after he got fired, Kliff Kingsbury wasn’t entitled to his $5.5 million yearly. But the Cardinals were still supposed to pay him compensation as the contract no longer applies. It’s still unknown how much he’ll be getting.

Kliff Kingsbury’s Background

Kliff Kingsbury was born on 9 August 1979. He spent his childhood in San Antonio, Texas. Before coming to the profession of professional coach, he was a quarterback himself. He played for New Braunfels when he was in high school.

Later, when he enrolled at Texas Tech University, he played for the Red Raiders from 1998 to 2000. After completing his college, Kingsbury played for the New England Patriots in 2003. Later, in 2007, he retired as a player and worked only as a coach.

Kliff Kingsbury’s Coaching Career

Kliff Kingsbury Net Worth

Kliff Kingsbury’s coaching career started in 2004. He began as the graduate assistant coach for Texas Tech. After two years, he became the official wide receiver coach of Texas Tech in 2006 and remained in the position till 2012. His hard work paid off as he became the head coach of Texas Tech in 2015.

Kliff Kingsbury led the Texas Tech Red Raiders to create a record of 35-40 in five seasons and was even ranked in Big 12 Conference Coach in the year 2016. In 2019, the Arizona Cardinals hired him, and for four seasons, their record was 28-37-1. After being fired from the Cardinals, Kliff hasn’t stopped working and will soon return as the head coach of USC.


Kliff Kingsbury might not be a head coach right now, but his net worth still makes him a millionaire. USC might be the breakthrough for him. He is working hard as the senior offensive analyst for USC, and his hard work will be recognized soon.

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