Meet Chip Kelly’s Ex-Wife, Jennifer Jenkins: A Glimpse Into the UCLA Coach’s Personal Life


Chip Kelly is the head coach of the UCLA football team. he is known for his innovative offensive strategies and impressive record in college football. Talking about his personal life, particularly about Chip Kelly’s Ex-Wife. Due to his records in the NFL, he has been recently seen with some other women. Who is that woman and how did Chip Kelly get separated from his ex-wife?

Who is Chip Kelly’s ex-wife?

Jennifer Jenkins is the ex-wife of Chip Kelly. Jennifer was once married to Chip Kelly, the current head coach for UCLA’s football team. Their paths first crossed in 1990 at New Hampshire College, marking the beginning of their journey together. At the time, Jenkins was wrapping up her senior year, while Kelly, four years her senior, was deeply immersed in the world of football, having played the sport during his own college years at New Hampshire.

Their story began on Thanksgiving Day in 1989 when a mutual friend introduced them. Kelly’s passion for football was evident even then, as he saw it not just as a sport, but as a way of life. Jenkins, on the other hand, saw in Kelly a man with a clear vision and a burning desire to make his mark in the world.

When Kelly landed his first college coaching job in 1990 at Columbia University, working with the defense and special teams unit, Jenkins chose to stay behind in New Hampshire, supporting him from afar. Their relationship stood the test of distance, and they tied the knot in 1992, shortly after Kelly returned to New Hampshire to join the coaching staff of his alma mater.

The early years of their marriage saw them living in Durham, New Hampshire, with Kelly serving as an assistant under his mentor Bill Bowes, and Jenkins finding work at the university. However, when Kelly took a coaching job at Johns Hopkins in 1994, the couple faced another period of long distance, with Kelly moving to Baltimore for a year while Jenkins stayed back in New Hampshire.

By 1998, their paths had begun to diverge, and they were living separate lives. Despite the strong foundation of their early years together, the distance and Kelly’s intense dedication to football put a strain on their relationship. They eventually divorced in 1999, ending a chapter in their lives that, for a long time, had been filled with happiness.

Jenkins acknowledges the role that football played in their relationship, but she doesn’t blame the sport for their marriage’s end. Their story, like many others, is a testament to the complexity of relationships and the simplicity of life’s inevitable changes: they were happy until they weren’t.

What is Jennifer Jenkins Doing Now and Where Does She Live?

Jennifer Jenkins has embarked on a new chapter in her life since leaving New Hampshire. She has relocated to the DC area and has become a successful businesswoman. She is the proud owner and operator of MommaLu Remedies, a unique company that focuses on providing care and comfort to people who are unwell.

MommaLu Remedies is named in honor of Jenkins’ mother, Mary Lou, and it offers a variety of care packages designed to bring relief and a touch of warmth to individuals dealing with ailments such as the common cold or the flu. The packages are filled with classic comfort items, including chicken noodle soup, ginger ale, and saltine crackers, all curated to help the recipient feel better.

In addition to serving individual customers, MommaLu Remedies has also established partnerships with several corporate entities and local school districts. Companies like Mobile MDs and Zipcar work alongside Jenkins’ business to help distribute sick packs to those in need, ensuring they have access to comforting remedies even when they are away from home. Through her work, Jennifer Jenkins is making a positive impact in her community, providing care and support to those who need it most.

Chip Kelly’s Relationship Status: Meet Girlfriend Jill Cohen

Chip Kelly with his Girlfriend Jill Cohen

Chip Kelly is currently in a relationship with Jill Cohen. They met when Chip took a job at the University of Oregon, where Jill had graduated in 2004. Jill’s connection to the university is deep; her father is a major supporter, being one of the primary boosters of the school. Boosters are individuals who generously contribute money to the school, often forming a club of alumni and supporters. Jill Cohen is now the Director of Donor Relations.

Where Does Chip Kelly Live Now?

Chip Kelly lives in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles is a big and bustling city known for its entertainment industry, sunny weather, and diverse culture. Before moving to Los Angeles, Chip lived in New Hampshire.

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