Meet Joe Milton’s parents, DeShea Bouie & Joe Milton II: A glimpse inside Vols QB’s family


Joe Milton, an impressive figure in the world of college football, has showcased his prowess on the field as the quarterback for the Tennessee Volunteers and earlier, for the Michigan Wolverines. Born in the sunny city of Orlando, Florida, and a standout athlete from Olympia High School, his journey to the limelight has been one of commitment and perseverance.

Beyond his evident talent and statistics, the support system behind him has played an instrumental role. Central to this are Joe Milton’s parents, who have been the pillars of strength throughout his career.

From being the 16th-ranked quarterback during his high school days to redshirting in 2018 at Michigan, and then transferring to Tennessee in 2021, Milton’s trajectory has been both challenging and rewarding.

In Michigan, he stepped up as a backup to Shea Patterson in 2019 and later claimed the starting position in 2020. Although he faced challenges, he didn’t let them deter him. After his transfer to Tennessee, he revitalized his game, leading the Volunteers to a respectable season in 2021.

With 3,128 passing yards, 21 touchdowns, and just 11 interceptions that year, he demonstrated the mettle of a true sportsman, making his parents and fans immensely proud.

Who are Joe Milton’s Parents?

Who are Joe Milton parents

Mother: DeShea Bouie

DeShea Bouie is Joe Milton’s loving mother. She single-handedly raised Joe along with his six brothers and sisters. A strong believer in Christian values, DeShea made sure to instill these principles in her children, shaping their character and morals.

Beyond her role as a mother, DeShea is also Joe’s biggest cheerleader, supporting him throughout his football journey. Professionally, she serves as a customer service representative in a major insurance company, demonstrating her dedication to ensuring a good life for her family.

Father: Joe Milton II

Joe Milton II stands as the namesake and father of Joe Milton. While he hasn’t been as present in Joe’s life as DeShea, he has undoubtedly contributed to Joe’s upbringing.

Holding a job as a truck driver, Joe Milton II showcases hard work and commitment, ensuring he provides for his family. Through their individual contributions, both of Joe’s parents have shaped him into the dedicated athlete and person he is today.

Joe Milton’s Parents’ Ethnicity and Nationality

Joe Milton’s mom and dad both have African-American ethnic backgrounds, and they are American citizens. While we don’t know the specific details of their background within the African-American community, they might have roots in the American South because Joe is from Florida.

Joe often talks about how different people should be part of sports. He believes that everyone should have a chance to be included. Joe is very proud to be an American. He feels thankful for the chances he got in the United States. He inspires many young athletes, especially those who are African-American.

Joe Milton’s Siblings

Joe Milton has a large family with six siblings. One of his younger sisters is named Journey. After a game in 2022 where the Tennessee Volunteers defeated Virginia, Joe brought Journey, who was just one year old at the time, onto the field with him. It was a heartwarming moment that demonstrated Joe’s close relationship with his family and how much they mean to him.


Joe Milton, the talented quarterback for the Tennessee Volunteers, is more than just an athlete. Behind his success on the field is a supportive family that has played a pivotal role in his journey.

From his dedicated parents, DeShea Bouie and Joe Milton II, to his close bond with his siblings, especially his youngest sister, Journey, the family remains at the heart of his story. As he continues to inspire young athletes across the nation, Joe’s family stands as a testament to the importance of unity, love, and perseverance.

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