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It’s hard to make a name for yourself in the sports world, especially as a college football coach. The Seminoles’ victory in the Cheez-It Bowl was a significant testament to Head Coach Mike Norvell of the Florida State Seminoles’ high football IQ. His new contract and resume further solidify his position in the coaching world. Let’s delve into his financials and find out Mike Norvell’s net worth as of 2024.

NameMike Norvell
Net Worth$53 million
Contract$42.5 million
Annual Salary in 2024$5 million plus approximately
Endorsements$1 million+

Mike Norvell’s Net Worth In 2024

After his recent contract extension, Mike Norvell’s net worth is close to $53 million as of 2024. Mike signed a three-year extension to his original six-year deal in early February this year. After having a somewhat successful season with their first 10-win season since 2016, Mike is earning more than ever before.

If he is able to perform even better this year, he is sure to be rewarded more in incentives and endorsements. While the coach has AAC championship hopes, the organization and players need to be on the same page.

How Much Does Mike Norvell Make In a Year?

How Much Does Mike Norvell Make In a Year

Mike saw a substantial jump in his salary and net worth after his multi-year contract extension and is set to make over $8.5 million per annum by the year 2029. Let’s look at his salary throughout the years.

  • 2022-23- Mike earned a salary of $3.035 million in 2022 as the head coach of the FSU
  • 2023-24- This season Mike Norvell made around $5 million
  • 2024-25- Next season he is sure to take home a sum of $7.3 million in salary.

This means he will be making over $8.5 million in salaries alone, and his compensation will increase with every year, as his deal includes added performance-based incentives like championship and playoff appearances. Currently, he is averaging a notable salary of $8 million.

Mike’s Sources Of Income

Mike Norvell’s primary source of income is his salary as the head coach of Florida State University (FSU). His base salary is $5 million per year, making him one of the highest-paid coaches in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). In addition to his base salary, Norvell can also earn bonuses for winning games, winning championships, and making bowl games.

He also has various endorsement deals, though he is mostly endorsing and showing his love and support for charities and startups. For example, he tweeted in support of a start-up called The Battle’s End, which is a NIL collective that helps college athletes, saying “If you want to help support our student-athletes, please join The Battle’s End.”

With his humble following of 55k on Instagram, he also posted a video recently promoting a program that helps athletes donate to the organization of their liking. It’s a collaborative effort between Seminoles Give and Keep Climbing Family Foundation.

Mike Norvell’s Career Earnings

Mike’s total career earnings are close to $30 million so far. Mike Norvell was head coach of the University of Memphis from 2016 to 2019, where he earned a total of $13 million during his time as head coach, an average of $4 million per year.

After moving to FSU in 2019, Norvell originally signed a 6-year, $26.5 million contract with the Seminoles, but the new contract extension promises an average salary of $8.05 million, which nearly doubles his $4.5 million annual salary from the original contract. Currently, he is averaging over $5 million in salaries every year, making him one of the highest-paid coaches in college football history.

Timeline of Mike Norvell’s Football and Coaching Career

2000Norvell walks on as a wide receiver at Louisiana Tech.
2001Transfers to UCA to play wide receiver.
2001-2005Sets UCA’s all-time reception record with 213 receptions, 2,611 yards, and 15 TDs.
2005Helps lead UCA to Gulf South Conference championship and NCAA playoffs.
2006Begins coaching career as grad assistant at UCA.
2007-2010Serves as grad assistant, then passing game coordinator at Tulsa.
2011Joins Pitt as co-offensive coordinator.
2012Moves to Arizona State as OC and QB coach.
2013Promoted to associate head coach at ASU.
2014-2015Continues as associate HC, OC, and QB coach at ASU.
2016-2019Becomes head coach at Memphis.
2016Leads Memphis to an 8-5 record.
2017Improves Memphis’s record to 10-3, wins AAC Coach of the Year.
2018Memphis finishes 8-6.
2019Leads Memphis to a 12-1 record, wins AAC championship and Coach of the Year.
2020Hired as head coach at Florida State.
2020-2021First seasons at FSU: 3-6 and 5-7, respectively.
2022Rebounds with a 10-3 season, Cheez-It Bowl appearance.
2023Aims to continue Florida State’s revival.


Mike Norvell has a long time to make the right adjustments to the program, as he is with the FSU till 2029, and the organization has full confidence in him. His ability to slowly but surely improve teams, and eventually the records are his edge. If he keeps going, Mike is sure to earn more name and money. Keep up the fantastic work, Coach Norvell! 🌟🏈

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