Meet Nick Saban’s wife, Terry Saban: A glimpse inside the Alabama Football HC’s private life


Nick Saban, a regarded coach, in the world of college football, has built a reputation for his exceptional skills and achievements. As head coach of the Alabama football team, his strategic genius has yielded seven national championships and countless accolades.

However away from the eye and on the sidelines there is a figure who provides unwavering support and stability in his life – Terry Saban. Let’s take a look at the side of this legendary coach and explore the fascinating dynamics of his partnership with his wife, Terry Saban.


Full nameTerry Saban 
Age69 (As Of December 5, 2023)
Date of birthJanuary 15, 1952
Place of birthFairmont, West Virginia
SpouseNick Saban 
ChildrenNicholas and Kristen Saban

Who is Nick Saban’s Wife Terry Saban?

Nick Saban and Terry Saban
Image Credit: Instagram

Nick Saban’s beloved wife is Terry Saban. Their love story started in seventh grade and has flourished ever since, culminating in a happy marriage on December 18, 1971.

Widely recognized as the First Lady of Alabama football, Terry Saban is known for her dedication to both philanthropy and education. She co-founded the organization Nick’s Kids, which has tirelessly supported children’s needs throughout Coach Saban’s leadership journey.

Their paths first crossed during their seventh-grade year at school. Their love story blossomed while Nick pursued his education at Kent State University and Terry made a difference as a teacher in West Virginia.

Terry Saban Family Background 

Terry Saban, a philanthropist and educator was born on January 15, 1952, in Fairmont, West Virginia. Raised in a working-class family, Terry Saban is the daughter of Paul Eugene Constable and Linda Jean Constable.

She has three sisters: Tina Lynn Constable White, Tracy Harr, and Jamie Choquette. As a grandmother, Terry Saban finds joy in her grandchildren: James Nickolas Setas from her daughter and Amelie Saban from her son.

Nick and Terry Saban’s 50 Years of Partnership

Terry has played a crucial role in shaping Nick’s career and has been instrumental in influencing her husband’s professional choices. Additionally, she actively participates as Nick’s partner in various endeavors. 

Terry co-founded Nick’s Kids Foundation, a non-profit organization named her late father-in-law, Nick Saban Sr. alongside Nick. Together, they have supported campaigns through their charitable efforts and other affiliated organizations. They also generously contribute to the communities that rally behind their team. 

Having been together since grade school, Terry and Nick recently celebrated their anniversary, marking five decades of shared experiences. In addition to her involvement in player recruitment, Terry diligently handles all work-related calls and emails forwarded to her by Nick’s assistant.

How Many Kids Do Nick and Terry Saban Have?

Nick and Terry Saban have two children, Nicholas and Kristen, both of whom were adopted. Nicholas and his wife Kelsey Laney recently welcomed their first child, bringing joy to Nick Saban as a grandfather. Kristen, who maintains a profile, is deeply cherished as an integral member of the family through abundant love. The Saban family beautifully exemplifies the power of love and support, showcasing the strength of unity regardless of its composition.

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