Lincoln Riley Parents: Meet Mike Riley and Marilyn Riley


Coach Lincoln Riley’s story is one of strive, struggle, and success. He has four Big 12 championships, three College Football Playoff appearances, and two Heisman Trophy winners to his credit. He has a way about him that can get the most out of players, teams, and even organizations.

With the USC Trojans at number one, fans and media alike are giving credit to Head Coach Lincoln Riley. Many fans on Twitter are curious about his parents, upbringing, and how he got to where he is today.

Let’s meet the parents of HC Riley up close.

Who are Coach Lincoln Riley’s Parents?

Lincoln Riley Dad, Mike Riley

The 70-year-old couple, Mike Riley and Marilyn Riley are the parents of the head coach of USC. The Riley Family had an interesting beginning in the small town of Muleshoe, Texas. Lincoln’s dad, Mike Riley owned and ran a cotton warehouse for many years, while his mother, Marilyn Riley also grew up on a farm in Muleshoe, and has been involved in agriculture her entire life. She went to college alongside her husband Mike and joined him in the cotton and other agricultural businesses. They both graduated from the University of Texas, at the same time.

Mike Riley was also a quarterback at Muleshoe High School in the 1960s but opted out to play in his senior year when the team recorded only 3 wins in 1970. Both Mike Riley and Marilyn Riley are really typical Texas types, in love with their football flags and their small towns.

Mike Riley and Marilyn Riley’s Ethnicity and Nationality

Lincoln Riley Mom, Marilyn Riley

Mike and Marilyn Riley are American by nationality and ethnically white. The Lincoln Riley family has long ties with Texas Tech University and Muleshoe, Texas. His father, Mike, played quarterback for the Red Raiders in the 1960s.

Lincoln himself played quarterback for Texas Tech as a walk-on before embarking on his coaching career.

Lincoln Riley’s Siblings

Lincoln Riley has a younger brother, Garrett, who is currently the offensive coordinator at Clemson University. Both Lincoln and Garrett Riley are highly regarded offensive minds in college football. They are known for their innovative play calling and their ability to develop quarterbacks.

Garrett Riley recently won the 2022 Top Assistant Coach of the Year. He has also held coaching positions at SMU, TCU, and Appalachian State.

Rocket Scientist, Cancer Cure, or a Football Coach?

How Lincoln Riley’s brilliance carried him from Muleshoe and onto the coach via The Oklahoman Video Archive

In an interview, all of Lincoln’s high school teachers from his hometown came forward to praise the prodigy and his hard work and achievements. Some teachers proclaimed “ He was the best student I ever taught. While others were thinking he was just goofing off in the back, he was actually listening and paying attention to me.” Others said- “ He could have been anybody, a rocket scientist, could’ve found a cure for cancer but he chose football and honestly I wasn’t surprised”. Even the Principal didn’t miss the opportunity to shower the alumni with praises.


Coach Riley’s family clearly played a crucial role in his upbringing and mindset. He loved the game of football, and his parents taught him and his brother the importance of hard work and family. From the outside, their family looks whole and complete, with plenty of support and love to go around, leaving little room for negativity or jealousy.

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