10 Best Fantasy Football Defense Picks for 2023


In fantasy football, it is always the defensive team that takes the spotlight. Everyone is familiar that selecting the perfect defense will make all the difference when you want to secure the win. So, it is easy to say that in fantasy football, the defense picks can be the heroes, especially in nail-biting matches. Now, as we gear up for the 2023 season, we need to understand the defense rating for fantasy football. 

This article will delve deep into the top 10 defenses you should consider, offering key insights that blend player performance, team analysis, and fantasy points potential. We’ll also serve up some draft advice, including sleeper picks that might just give you the edge you’re seeking. The goal? To arm you with the information you need to dominate your league.

Top 10 Fantasy Football Defense Teams: Your Key to Victory in 2023

Top Fantasy Football Defense Teams

When it comes to the best fantasy football defense picks for the 2023 season, you’re probably scratching your head, wondering how to maximize your chances without sacrificing value in your draft. Trust us, you’re not alone. Let’s break down the top 10 D/ST units that could lead your fantasy squad to glory. 

San Francisco 49ers

Arguably the complete package for this season, the 49ers offer a favorable schedule and a roster brimming with talent. Nick Bosa alone could generate enough pressure to disrupt any offensive line. If you’re looking for a defense that has it all, San Francisco is your best bet.

Philadelphia Eagles

With an eye-popping 70 sacks last season, the Eagles are set to terrify quarterbacks again. Brandon Graham and Haason Reddick are just a couple of names that should continue to shine. While the schedule has some bumps, this unit is too good to pass up.

Dallas Cowboys

Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs have transformed the Cowboys into a defensive juggernaut. Yes, their schedule does toughen up late in the season, but they’ve proven they can score fantasy points in bunches. 

New Orleans Saints

One of the most underrated defenses in the league, the Saints have an incredibly soft schedule this season. Cameron Jordan and Demario Davis can create chaos, making them fantastic draft advice for anyone willing to reach out.

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Buffalo Bills

The Bills have been a Top-5 defense for the past two seasons, thanks to their stellar secondary. While they operate in a tough division, their player performance is hard to ignore when aiming for consistency in fantasy points.

Pittsburgh Steelers

In TJ Watt we trust, indeed. This defensive unit may have ranked 28th last year in fantasy points, but don’t let that deter you. The Steelers have a history of top-12 fantasy defenses, and with a softer schedule ahead, they’re poised for a rebound.

Jacksonville Jaguars

If you’re after sleeper picks, look no further. With rookies and second-year quarterbacks littering their schedule, the Jaguars could be the steal of your draft. A strong showing in interceptions last season suggests that trend could continue.

New York Jets

The Jets are for the patient fantasy owners. Though they kick off with a tough schedule, better matchups emerge later in the season. Consider this a long-term investment that could pay off when you most need it.

Cincinnati Bengals 

Another sleeper pick, the Bengals offer a generous early-season schedule and are often overlooked. Though they struggled in sacks last year, the Bengals could be a valuable asset for those willing to stream defenses.

New England Patriots

Despite ranking as the top fantasy defense last year, the Patriots are set to face a brutal schedule. They have elite players but are probably better left for someone else to draft in the early rounds.

Whether you’re seeking consistency, upside, or a favorable schedule, these top 10 D/ST units offer something for everyone. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but a good grasp of team analysis can help you make the smartest choice for your roster.


Selecting the right defense isn’t just about choosing the most recognized names; it’s about understanding the nuances of the 2023 season, reading into defense rankings, and grasping how player performance will affect your fantasy points. This article aims to provide you with draft advice and insights to boost your fantasy football strategy. Remember, a well-chosen D/ST not only scores you points but also keeps points off the board from your opponent’s skill players. Use this guide to make informed decisions, and you may just find yourself lifting that fantasy trophy come season’s end.

Kuljit Sandhu
Kuljit Sandhu
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