Evander Kane’s ex-wife: All about Anna Kane


NHL has been the hub of countless brawls, suspensions, and rivalries. Evander Kane is one of those renowned professional hockey players who has been in the center of most controversies surrounding the game from faking COVID tests, gambling, faking pregnancy, domestic violence and a very public turbulent divorce.

Let’s learn everything about Evander Kane’s Ex-Wife and details surrounding every allegation she made about her estranged husband.

Who Is Evander Kane’s Ex Wife?

Anna Kane is the former wife of Evander Kane, the Oilers’ left winger. Their relationship has been the subject of several disputes and allegations in the media, and it all went downhill after Anna Kane accused her spouse of sexual assault, infidelity, domestic abuse, and gambling. Although they are no longer together, they have been involved in highly publicized legal battles and social media feuds. Keep reading to learn more.

Full Name Anna Kane
Age 31 Years 
OccupationEntrepreneur And Social Media Influencer
ChildrenKensington Ava
Marital StatusDivorced

Early Life And Career

Anna was born on August 2, 1992, in Canada in a very Christian-Concervative family. Anna attended a private school in her hometown of Canada, where she grew up with her siblings and received her education. She is also a sports enthusiast and preferred playing outside.

While she is mostly recognized as the estranged wife of ice hockey star, Evander Kane, however, she herself is a successful entrepreneur and a social influencer with a respectable net worth of $1 million.

How Did Anna Kane And Evander Kane First Meet?

Anna Kane and Evander Kane met for the first time in 2015 and began dating soon after, eventually leading them to get married in September of 2018. The couple also gave birth to their firstborn on July 3, 2020. 

However, the couple split up in 2020 and in 2021 Anna field for divorce after making series of allegations online

Divorce Reasons

Ever since the couple got married their relationship has been on a downward spiral. From accusations of cheating with model Mara Teigen, to throwing away games to cover gambling debts to domestic violence charges and faking pregnancy, for outsiders their marriage was bound to fail from its inception.

How Many Kids Do  Evander Kane And Anna Kane Have Together?

Anna Kane and Evander Kane have a daughter named Kensington, who was born on 3rd July, 2020, three months after Anna had a misscarriage. Evander also accused Anna of faking a pregnancy with their second child, claiming that she wore a fake pregnancy belly to deceive him. Anna later confirmed having an abortion.

Evander Kane also welcomed his second child to this world with his current girlfriend, Mara Teigen. The couple had a son named Iverson Frank Kane, who was born on May 25.


While Evander Kane has been in the midst of many controversies, it looks like he is enjoying his role and responsibilities as a father. From spending time with his kids to celebrating birthdays and romantic evenings with his girlfriend and baby mama, it looks like he is healing and growing.

Anna on the other hand is known as a successful young business woman focused on raising her daughter and being a mom.

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