Tiger Woods’ 3 Open Championship Wins: A Look Back at His Historic Victories


Tiger Woods, a true legend in the world of golf, boasts an incredible track record that echoes through the annals of sports history, marked by an astounding 82 victories on the PGA Tour, a feat that includes a remarkable collection of 15 major championship triumphs.


Among his illustrious accomplishments, Woods’ presence at The Open Championship, renowned as the British Open, remains a testament to his enduring legacy. This venerable tournament, steeped in tradition, unfolds across challenging links courses strewn across the panoramic landscapes of the United Kingdom, holding an honorable position as one of golf’s grandest stages.


This year’s edition of The Open Championship is poised to grace us with its brilliance from Thursday, July 20, at The Royal Liverpool Golf Club, nestled in the embrace of Wirral in Merseyside, England. Though Woods will not grace the fairways this time around, his indelible mark on this event persists.


Tiger Wood’s Dominant Performance: The 129th Open at St Andrew’s (2000)

Tiger woods Championship Wins

Woods’ mastery of The Open shines brilliantly, with three coveted titles adorning his name. The year 2000 marked his initial conquest, a shining jewel in his crown, arriving on the heels of a resounding 15-stroke victory at the U.S. Open. 


At the venerable St Andrews, he wielded his club with precision, culminating in an awe-inspiring 19-under-par performance, leaving his nearest competitors, Ernie Els and Thomas Bjorn, trailing by a resounding eight strokes. 


Following the contest, Bjorn offered a reflection that captured the essence of Woods’ brilliance, remarking, 

“It certainly looks like somebody out there is playing golf on a different planet than the rest of us.”


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An Outstanding Defense: The 134th Open at St Andrew’s (2005) 


Tiger woods Outstanding Defense in 134th Open at St Andrew

Returning to St Andrew’s in 2005, Woods displayed a masterclass in the art of defense, holding steadfast to a five-stroke lead over the esteemed Colin Montgomerie. This resolute stance further solidified his dominance on the grand stage, resulting in a second Claret Jug. 


In the wake of his triumph, Woods poignantly mused, 

“It’s as good as it gets. I battled this week—conditions, the field, the golf course—and somehow came out on top.”


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An Emotional Victory: The 135th Open at the Royal Liverpool (2006)

Tiger woods 135th Open at the Royal Liverpool

The poignant chapter of the 135th Open at the Royal Liverpool in 2006 brimmed with emotional depth, as Woods confronted personal adversity in the form of his father and mentor’s passing, Earl Woods. 


In a display of incredible strength, he channeled his emotions into strategic brilliance and remarkable shot-making, culminating in a victory that tugged at heartstrings. As tears of joy flowed freely, Woods’ poignant victory underscored the profound influence his father wielded over his life and career. 


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Reflecting on the cathartic moment, he shared, “At that moment, it just came pouring out. All the things that my father has meant to me in the game of golf. And I just wish he could have seen it one more time.”


In the tapestry of golf’s history, Tiger Woods’ chapters at The Open Championship stand to his unwavering determination, technical prowess, and emotional depth that transcend the boundaries of the sport, etching his name as an icon for the ages.

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