Jimbo Fisher’s Kids: Meet Ethan and Trey Fisher, the sons of the Texas Aggies HC


Jimbo Fisher, the head coach of the Texas A&M Aggies football team, is a well-known figure in the world of college football. He is not only dedicated to his coaching career but also a family man. Jimbo and his wife, Candi, have two sons named Ethan and Trey Fisher.

He also has a stepson named Keller. While their personal lives are relatively private, the Fisher family has undoubtedly been a source of support and inspiration for Jimbo throughout his coaching journey.

How Many Kids Does Jimbo Fisher Have?

Jimbo Fisher has two children named Trey and Ethan from his marriage, with Candi Fisher. Additionally, he has a stepson named Keller from his wife, Courtney Harrison Fisher. Apart from being a coach, Fisher is also a father and husband.

While his family has faced challenges they remain a joyful unit. Both of Fisher’s sons admire and respect him as a role model, which he consistently lives up, to.

Ethan Fisher

Jimbo Fisher Son, Ethan Fisher

Ethan Fisher happens to be the son of Jimbo Fisher, the football coach, at Texas A&M. At the age of 6 Ethan was diagnosed with Fanconi anemia, a blood disorder. Fanconi anemia (FA) is a condition that has effects on various parts of the body.

Those affected by FA may experience bone marrow failure physical abnormalities organ defects and an increased likelihood of types of cancer. The Fisher family has been transparent about their challenges. Have actively advocated for research and awareness regarding Fanconi anemia.

In 2023 Ethan embarked on gene replacement therapy as part of his journey towards overcoming his Fanconi anemia. This therapy holds promise as the phase in his recovery process bringing hope that Ethan might find a cure, within two to four years.

Trey Fisher

Jimbo Fisher Son, Trey Fisher

Trey Fisher, a quarterback, from Florida A&M Rattlers hails from the city of Tallahassee in the United States. With a passion for the game Trey’s exceptional skills, on the field have garnered attention. Currently pursuing his studies he receives guidance from his father, Jimbo Fisher in order to further elevate his performance.

Trey should continue to follow in his father’s footsteps a promising future awaits him. In a few years, he may secure a lucrative professional contract worth millions and showcase his talent as an esteemed athlete.

Keller Harrison 

Keller Harrison happens to be the stepson of Jimbo Fisher. He is the child of Courtney Harrison Fisher, who is currently married to Jimbo Fisher. While we don’t have information about whether Keller plays football or any other sport it’s possible that Jimbo’s influence might inspire him to pursue football in the future.

Jimbo Fisher’s Kids Mother

Jimbo Fishers ex wife is Candi Fisher. They were married for 26 years from 1989, until 2015. Together they have two sons named Trey and Ethan. Candi Fisher values her privacy. Doesn’t often share much about her life in the public eye.

However, one thing that is evident is her unwavering dedication as a mother to her sons. She has been their supporter throughout their endeavors and has actively raised awareness, for Fanconi anemia research and its importance.

Does Jimbo Fisher Sons Play Football

Yes, one of Jimbo Fisher’s sons, Trey Fisher, plays football. Trey is a quarterback at Florida A&M University. He previously played at the University of Tennessee-Martin and Godby High School in Tallahassee, Florida.

Jimbo Fisher has two other sons, Ethan and Dylan. Ethan has Fanconi anemia, a rare blood disorder, and has undergone a bone marrow transplant.

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