Who is Shedeur Sanders Girlfriend, Storm Reid? A Glimpse Inside Colorado QB’s Personal Life


Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback, from Colorado has been grabbing attention not only for his skills on the field but also for his off-field endeavors, including his relationship with actress Storm Reid. In this glimpse into their lives, we explore the intriguing bond between Shedeur and Storm.

We shed light on their blossoming romance, interests, and how they navigate the eye as a couple. Join us as we discover the dynamics between this, up-and-coming football star and the accomplished actress who has captured his heart.

Who is Storm Reid – Shedeur Sanders Girlfriend

Shedeur Sanders Girlfriend, Storm Reid

Storm Reid is an actress, from the United States known for her role as Gia Bennett in the HBO show called Euphoria, which focuses on the lives of teenagers. Besides her work, as an actress, Reid is also involved in producing and activism.

She co-founded A SEED & WINGS Productions, a multimedia production company that aims to create stories that spark conversations, and entertain, educate, and inspire people from different cultures. Additionally, she actively supports health awareness and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights.

Storm Reid’s Early Life and Education

Storm Reid was born in Atlanta, Georgia on July 1, 2003. Her parents are Rodney and Robyn Simpson Reid. Among her siblings, she is the youngest, with a brother named Josh and two sisters named Iman and Paris. Ever since she was young Reid had dreams of becoming an actress.

When she was 9 years old she and her family relocated to Los Angeles so that she could pursue acting. Reid attended Chestnut Elementary School in Georgia before completing her high school education in Los Angeles. Currently, she is a student, at the University of Southern California where she is studying film and television production.


Storm Reid started her acting career at an age when she appeared in the television movie A Cross to Bear in 2012. Her first film role came in 2013 with a part, in the acclaimed historical drama 12 Years a Slave. Reid gained recognition for her role in the 2016 superhero movie Sleight. She portrayed Tina, the sister of the film’s character, Bo. The movie was well-received by both audiences and critics.

Reid had her moment in 2018 with the fantasy film A Wrinkle in Time. She played Meg Murry, a girl who embarks on a journey through time and space alongside her brother and friend to save their father. The film performed well at the box office and Reid’s performance garnered praise from critics.

Since then Reid has made appearances, in films and television shows including When They See Us (2019) Euphoria (2019 ) Don’t Let Go (2019) The Invisible Man (2020) The Suicide Squad (2021), and Missing (2023).

How did Shedeur and Storm first meet

The origins of Shedeur Sanders and Storm Reid’s encounter remain mysterious. However, they have been spotted together in public since September 2022 when Reid shared a photo, on Instagram featuring both of them.

In January 2023 Reid and Sanders made their appearance as a couple on the carpet during the premiere of Reid’s movie Missing. During an interview, with Entertainment Tonight Reid described Sanders as hearted and exceptionally gifted in his talents.

Shedeur Sanders  and Storm Reid Combine Net Worth 

The combined wealth of Shedeur Sanders and Storm Reid is estimated to be $5 million. While Sanders has yet to begin his career he is widely recognized as one of the collegiate football players, in the nation. It is anticipated that he will be selected in the NFL draft in 2024 paving the way for a future.

On the hand, Reid has been involved in acting from an age and has garnered acclaim, for her roles in various successful movies and television series. As one of Hollywood’s young actresses, she undoubtedly possesses a promising journey ahead.


Storm Reid and Shedeur Sanders make up a couple with promising futures ahead. Both individuals possess talent. Have achieved remarkable success, in their chosen fields. Moreover, they share a goal of making an impact on society.

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