Meet Jimmy Horn Jr.’s Parents, Jimmy Horn Sr., and Kendra Lewis


A rising NFL talent now making his impact with the Colorado Buffaloes is Jimmy Horn Jr. Behind his gridiron prowess, though, is a tale of resiliency and tenacity as he forged his way to success despite having a split family. Meet Jimmy Horn Sr. and Kendra Lewis, who, although coming from different backgrounds, provided critical support for their son’s journey.

Jimmy Jr. has distinguished himself as a player despite the difficulties of a dispersed family, demonstrating that willpower, talent, and a passion for the game can get one through even the most trying situations.

Jimmy Horn Sr and Kendra Lewis

Jimmy Horn Jr. Father, Jimmy Horn Sr.

Jimmy Horn Jr. grew up in the Florida town of Sanford. Jimmy Horn Sr. raised him by himself after Kendra Lewis and Jimmy Horn Sr. got divorced. He went to Seminole for his high school studies. Jimmy Horn Sr. talked openly about his parenting methods in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel in 2020.

He portrayed himself as a strict parent with high standards for his son. His son’s success in the career of his choice was another of his main priorities. On the other hand, Kendra Lewis didn’t play any considerable role in Jimmy Horn Jr.’s life because she wasn’t around much, and his father took care of him most of the time.

How did the parents celebrate the victory against TCU?

Jimmy Horn Jr.’s Dad shows love to Coach Prime from prison via Believe N YASEF

Horn’s father, who is behind bars, spoke with coach Deion Sanders following Colorado’s victory over TCU, a victory in which Jimmy Jr. played a significant part. He thanked Coach Prime for taking such good care of his son.

Horn’s mother, Kendra Lewis, posted a message on her Facebook page congratulating her son on his triumph. Additionally, she made plans to attend this weekend’s Colorado vs. Nebraska game in honor of his birthday.

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Does Jimmy Horn Jr. have a contract with the Colorado Buffaloes?

Jimmy Horn Jr. Parents

Yes, Jimmy Horn Jr. has a contract with the Colorado Buffaloes. He transferred from South Florida to Colorado in 2023, and he signed a scholarship agreement with the Buffaloes. The terms of the contract are not publicly known.

However, it is worth noting that scholarship agreements for college athletes are not the same as contracts in professional sports leagues. College athletes do not receive salaries, and their scholarships can be revoked for academic or disciplinary reasons.

Despite this, scholarship agreements are still important documents for college athletes, as they guarantee them a certain level of financial support and academic opportunities.


Jimmy Horn Jr. is a source of inspiration and creativity in the midst of a scattered family. He has excelled on the football field after being raised by his father, Jimmy Horn Sr. His outstanding performance for the Colorado Buffaloes, as evidenced by his recent impressive statistics, positions him as a potential candidate for a lucrative deal.

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