Lincoln Riley Salary and Contract Details: How much does USC HC earn in a year


Lincoln Riley is a football coach who began his career under the guidance of the head coaches Mike Leach, Bob Toops, and Ruffin McNeill. Lincoln Riley started his career with Texas Tech as an assistant coach in 2003. Lincoln Riley was born in Texas, and his journey started in a small town Muleshoe.

During his early, he also used to play football as a quarterback. He started his career soon after his college and started training students. Then, in 2021, Lincoln was hired by the USC. Here we will provide all the details about Lincoln Riley’s Salary and Contract details in this article. So let’s dive in…

What is Lincoln Riley’s Contract with USC Trojans?

Lincoln Riley Salary as USC HC

Lincoln signed a contract for 10 years. This means he would be coaching the Trojans for a whole decade! And guess what? They promised to pay him $110 million for these 10 years. That’s a lot of money! In fact, it makes him the top-earning coach in college football. He’s number one!

Now, let’s break it down a bit. Every year, from this big contract, Lincoln gets $10 million. This is called his base salary. It’s like the fixed amount he earns no matter what happens.

Lincoln Riley’s Salary Breakdown

Base Salary$10 million per year
Signing Bonus$1 million
Pac-12 Championship$50,000
College Football Playoff$1 million
National Championship$2 million

Lincoln Riley’s Contract Bonuses And Incentives

There are special rewards or “bonuses” in his contract. For example, if his team wins the Pac-12 championship, he gets an extra $500,000. If they play in the big College Football Playoff, he earns another $1 million. And if they become the champions of the whole nation? Lincoln takes home an added $2 million! That’s like getting a huge gold star for doing a super job.

Now, the contract doesn’t just stop at money. Lincoln gets some cool extras too. He has a private jet he can use. They also gave him a fancy car to drive. And when he first signed the contract, they gave him a big bonus of $1 million just to say, “Welcome!”

Why is USC giving him so much? Well, they believe in him. They think he’s the key to making their team champions again.

Lincoln Riley’s Salary Rise Over the Years

Lincoln Riley is a college football head coach. His pay has risen a lot over the years.

2017-2018$3.1 million
2019-2020$4.8 million
2021$6.4 million
2022$11 million

This jump in his salary shows that he is doing an excellent job and his team values him a lot. Riley is now one of the top-paid coaches in college football.

Is Lincoln Riley’s USC Current Salary Justifiable?

Since 2022, when USC drafted Lincoln Riley, it has always asked whether is the salary justifiable. So, let’s have a look at the same.

Riley has been an exceptional coach for the teams he has been a coach with. He has already led his team to win five conference titles, along with the College Football Playoff twice in six seasons. Apart from this, he is also a good teacher who has brought up some iconic players like, Baker Mayfield, Jalen Hurts, and Kyler Murray.

So, according to these achievements, Riley’s salary seems a good draft for the USC Trojans. Also, during the draft, Riley already had many other team offers, so USC had to pay him this price.

But, some people disagree with this, as Lincoln Riley is yet to win a National Championship. They think the team should invest in some other parts of the team which would lead them to grow in coming years like better players and facilities.

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