Top 5 Bard Builds in Baldur’s Gate 3


The Bard, in Baldurs Gate 3 is a class that can fulfill numerous roles within a party. They possess expertise in both combat and magic enabling them to offer assistance, healing, and offensive capabilities to their companions.

Here are the top 5 Bard builds in Baldur’s Gate 3

Best Bard builds in Baldur's Gate 3

College of Valor

This is the build, for a Bard that focuses on combat. Valor Bards have skills with weapons and armor and they can use their spells to enhance themselves and their allies or weaken their enemies. A significant aspect of their abilities is Combat Inspiration, which grants a bonus to attack rolls saving throws or armor class for their comrades.

Choosing this build is ideal for players who want to take on the frontline role, in fights. With capabilities and strong damage output Valor Bards can hold their ground in battles while also utilizing spells to provide support to allies and strategically control the battlefield.

College of Lore

This particular build is centered around magic. Providing support. Lore Bards possess an array of spells, at their disposal. They can utilize their expertise in skills like Arcana and History to offer valuable insights to their companions. One of their abilities is Jack of All Trades, which grants them a bonus across skills.

For players seeking to fulfill a role this build is a choice. With the repertoire of spells and skills they possess Lore Bards can prove to be an addition to any party, by offering enhancements, healing abilities and effective crowd-control tactics.

College of Whispers 

This particular build focuses on the art of deception and intimidation. Whispers Bards possess the ability to manipulate the minds of their foes using their spellcasting prowess. Additionally, they excel in the arts of Deception and Intimidation utilizing their knowledge to achieve their desired outcomes. The defining feature of this build is the Mantle of Whispers, a skill that grants them control over the thoughts and actions of those they encounter.

For individuals who seek to embody a cunning persona this build is a choice. With their capacity to influence thoughts and their expertise in deception Whispers Bards become a presence, within the realm of shadows.

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College of Creation 

This particular build emphasizes the importance of utility and control. Creation Bards possess the ability to employ their spells in order to craft objects manipulate the weather and even summon creatures to aid them in battle. One of their capabilities is Magical Inspiration, which enables them to fashion a magical item that can be utilized by their comrades.

Opting for this build is a decision, for players seeking a character with versatility. Thanks to their repertoire of spells Creation Bards become contributors, within any group offering solutions to a wide range of predicaments.

College of Swords 

This build is a hybrid of the College of Valor and the College of Lore. Swords Bards are proficient with all weapons and armor, and they also have access to a wide variety of spells. Their signature ability is Blade Flourish, which allows them to use their bardic inspiration to enhance their attacks.

This build is a great choice for players who want to be a jack-of-all-trades. With their proficiency in both combat and magic, Swords Bards can be a valuable asset to any party.


The optimal Bard builds for you will rely on your way of playing and the composition of your party. If you prefer being, at the forefront of battles the College of Valor would suit you well. On the other hand, if you enjoy providing support to your allies the College of Lore is an option. If versatility is what you seek allowing you to excel in tasks both the College of Creation and the College of Swords are worth considering.

Regardless of the type of character you decide to create the Bard class is incredibly strong and adaptable making it a valuable addition, to any group or team.

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